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Welcome to InnerFight.com

Thanks for your visit. This site is loaded with information, tips and tricks about how to get more out of your body…enjoy it. Read more about us →

Our primary focus is functional strength and conditioning to make people better at LIFE! We work with people from a number of different backgrounds with various goals, young or old, male or female, elite athlete or weight loss warrior. We believe in getting the most out of life and our training principles and approach works and is proven. We may not be for everyone but those who trust in our programs will dominate in life.

InnerFight CrossFit:

Inner Fight Cross Fit

Functional, fun strength and conditioning classes are run daily in Dubai.  The classes deliver this proven style of training which focuses on strength, metabolic conditioning and improving peoples lives through physical activity. For details on class times, location and costs please check out the InnerFight Classes page

Personal Performance coaching:

Personal Performance Training

Do you have a specific goal? Are you looking for something to work towards? Are you tired of achieving average things in life? Do you want to start living an amazing life? If so then let the InnerFight team take you there.  We attack performance holistically through focusing on nutrition, rest and recover and training. Find out more RIGHT HERE

Endurance coaching:

Dubai Endurance Coaching

Designed and coached by an endurance athlete for endurance athletes. We understand that strength and conditioning training is one of a number of components of your training regime, therefore the sessions are designed so they they compliment, rather than compromise your other training, whether it be swim, bike or run. For full details CLICK HERE


Corporate Fitness Classes DubaiIs it time to unlock the potential of your organization and start dominating your competition? Are your people just going through the motions? Are they at work today because it is what they did yesterday? Is their physical capacity holding back their mental genius? It’s time to change, time to realise the true potential of the organisation. It’s time to have employees that show up to work with energy, passion and drive. It’s time for everyone to start being AMAZING. CLICK HERE for more details

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