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I receive a number of health and fitness related questions daily from people looking to improve their performance on various levels and get the best out of life. I always try to get back to people within a 24 hours with a concise and useful answer and information. As I am sure you can understand this is often highly time consuming, however the brand vision of InnerFight is to help as many people around the world perform at their best so helping people out with their questions is part of this and is something I will continue to do. The approach to this however is going to change. Some of you may be listeners to my weekly radio show on Nightline where I field a number of questions. Others download the podcast in the proceeding days. I have also done a number of interviews with people ranging from some of the worlds leading fitness professionals to conquering athletes and what others consider "normal" people. The older of these audio files are stored on mixcloud but more recently I have started making all the content available through the InnerFight Podcast in itunes. This way the content can easily be downloaded and taken with you anywhere you go. In December I will launch a fortnightly InnerFight podcast where I will answer any of the mails and queries I receive during the period between podcasts. This show will be all encompassing with the objective being to share as much information as possible with as many people as possible. Of course someones question today could be your question tomorrow so being able to share this information through a podcast will be valuable for all. I will still be carrying out one on one interviews with some of the worlds leading fitness gurus as well as a number of different people. If you have something that you want to share that you think would make a great podcast and are willing to be interviewed about it then be sure to get in touch. I invite you to send in any questions that you have either by mail or tweet them @innerfight or post them on the InnerFight Facebook page.
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