Your body is always changing.

What most people do not realize is that our bodies are adaptive organisms, forever changing in response to their environment. The system that governs this constant adaption is the Nervous System (your brain, brain stem and spinal cord). It is always taking information from our internal and external environments and then creates a response within our body. The brain get about 400 billion bits of information per second, about 5% of this is stuff that we are aware of, our thoughts, hearing, touch, taste, smell and sight. The rest is made up of stuff that happens subconsciously, our digestion, creating new blood cells, awareness of our position, immune function, hormone control and loads more.
Our nervous system is designed kind of like a generator, the better input it gets, the better output it gives. This is important to note because there are ways to improve the input you give your brain (with that conscious 5%) which are simple but the benefits are greater than you can imagine as the brains output affects every single call in your body!! Within chiropractic circles, this is called the Safety Pin Cycle.
Safety Pin
So, if the brain is constantly getting the same inputs like same poor posture all the time, identical training routines (done every so often), same negative thought patterns and consistent poor diet, it is going to have the same poor output which over time has degrading effects on our physiology and our regulatory mechanisms. Even though the brain is an amazing organ, it can really only do so much if it is given minimal input.
This is why varied training such as InnerFight or CrossFit is so incredibly beneficial. The constant variety of training routines, causes constant variation of sensory-motor input into the brain which stimulates the brain to function better and have a more effective output. This output does not only affect muscle growth but improves all your body’s regulatory mechanisms such as immune function, breathing and heart rate and digestion. The more variety, the better as that improves your brains adaptability to different circumstances. 
In short, by making a positive change to that 5% of input that we are aware of, we ultimately change the 95% that we are not aware of. Effectively changing that cycle of degeneration to one of regeneration, and THAT is when true health starts!
Dr Adam Sayers is a Chiropractor at both the Greenside Clinic and Pure Health Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa where he has been practising for 5 years. He has special interests in family wellness and pediatrics and his passion for improved general health and the empowerment of people to make the right health and lifestyle choices. You can follow him on Twitter or contact him direct by mail

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