What are you willing to do,
and what are you ready to give up
to be the best you can be?

We only have so much energy, and the clock is ticking on all of us. When you say yes to something, you have to say no to something else. What we have done in the past has led us to this present moment. But what the future holds for ourselves is shaped in some manner by what we do in the now, the present. 

I recently passed a quarter of my life (ideally living to one hundred), and it got me thinking about what the next quarter holds. Through the Five Dimensions of Health, we can pave the way for many internal discussions to open the door to maximizing the time we have in front of us.

Physical Game
Comparing ourselves to others is a flaw in our behaviors. This close-minded trait can inherit setbacks to our physical attributes. To have linear growth, we should only look for competition within ourselves, whether that is decreasing body fat, improving heart rate, or something simple as being able to walk up a flight of stairs. Our individual lifestyle choices narrate what we can or can't do, especially when we reach the later stages of our time. You're probably asking, "Kobi, why are lifestyle decisions important? In order to do what?" In order to win, achieve and execute whichever physical task it is. 

Through this, we gain motivation to reach these performing tasks. But the discipline required is what will keep you accountable to these tasks. Because at the end of the day, did you win/ achieve, or did you lose/ fail? End of story, no excuses or bullshit to give yourself self-affirmation to why you failed. The better developed our physical game is, the greater the longevity we'll have. 

What is your Physical Game like?

Mental Game
The infinite power all of us have is developing our minds. Processing information is critical. This can come in any field/environment, from sport and work to relationships or performing tasks such as driving a car. But let's call a spade a spade, no one wants to perform at a mediocre level. So to prepare for the tasks or missions we are about to undertake, we need to prepare for them at the highest level to match the given output. Creating a plan or systematic tools that will keep us engaged and developing will positively affect performance results. However, analysing data is one thing, but applying it is a whole different element of the process. You don't want to be all sizzle and no steak. Because of competition or deadlines, that is when our reality will come to light. 

How strong is your Mental Game?

Social Game
No one cares what you HAVE done. All that matters is what you can DO right now. Especially in a team environment where others, it's very important to have a group of people, whether family, friends, or work colleagues/teammates, to find a core group of individuals who can hold you accountable to your dreams/goals. Through our relationships with others, the connection of joy and love creates a greater social game versus connecting via fear or insults. Take some time to look deeper at your social game and be aware of how you interact with others. You may be surprised by what you find. Team connection creates humility. The All Blacks use the great motto "Better People Make Better All Blacks." Are you a team player or an individual in a team? 

Where can you improve your Social Game?

Emotional Game
We uphold ourselves to be different figures in different environments. Whether in a professional setting or with our family/ friends, this is the juggling balance we must be able to shift between that dictates our behaviors. The better you can manage the juggling act, the greater joy and fulfillment you'll achieve. Because, as mentioned prior, we all have to decide where our focus lies. This may mean making the sacrifice of spending time with family instead of your professional requirements to improve the quality of living further.

Who are you in different environments that affect your Emotional Game?

Spiritual Game
Spiritually means a lot of different things to different people. However, looking at what is similar from person to person is reflected as your deepest purpose. Our purpose is the map we should follow to achieve quality in all five dimensions of health. Our purpose is the dreams/goals in whatever field, and the desire to keep performing as reaching the target is never ending as we can always go deeper/further into our purpose as individuals. Take the time to sit down and reflect on what your purpose is. It should constantly evolve, but your behavior should be synonymous with your purpose. Not to satisfy what others want but to satisfy ourselves. In conclusion, FIND YOUR PURPOSE.

Why does this behavior/belief reflect my Spiritual Game?

End Game
Lastly, that brings the "End Game." It's all about living through different moments in our time. Both great and not so great. However, through these phases, we experience the joys of moments and the high pressures of situations that make it all worthwhile. Despite the stress, pressure is a privilege that many people shy from. 

Most of us live in fear of failure and embarrassment. But taking the opportunity with confidence can be an ultimate success or a simple mistake. But through taking the opportunities, we learn, which in hindsight become ammunition for later phases in life. It's all part of the journey because we only have so much time; ultimately, once you stop, you're done.

Have I achieved what I want when I reach the End Game?

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