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Yoga originated in ancient India & has been defined in many different ways. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali say ​”Yoga is the calming down the fluctuations/patterns of consciousness”​. The Bhagavad Gita says ​”Be equal minded in both success and failure. Such equanimity is called Yoga”.
It doesn’t really matter what or how you define it, all you really need to know is that doing yoga will help to make you better at life.

Whether you are trying yoga for the first time or consider yourself a seasoned yogi, our team of experienced instructors are here to guide you through every step & pose of the class. Everyone can do yoga, poses are easily adapted to suit all levels – you do you, listen to your body, move & work to your full potential but most importantly just breathe & smile.

Time Table

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Our Teachers

Claire is our Head of Yoga.  She has been practising yoga for over 20 years & began teaching in 2006.  Claire teaches Hatha yoga, Yoga Shred, kids & family yoga bringing the benefits & joy of yoga to all ages & abilities. 
Check Claire out @claireames76

Sakshi turned to yoga in a bid to avoid surgery for a back injury – it worked & she has been practicing ever since. Sakshi loves hand balances & is confident you too will be balancing like a pro in no time at all.
Check Sakshi out @flow_with_sakshi

Oisin has a background in gymnastics & calisthenics & also works as a physical educator. During his classes you will develop your strength & flexibility along side breathing & meditation techniques.  Oisin guarantees you will leave his class feeling calm & rejuvenated.
Check Oisin out @oisin_mc_yoga

Payal began her yoga teaching journey in Goa, India 5 years ago.  She says “Yoga reminds me that everything is connected, it is freedom & release”. Payal will help you to find this release so that you too can comfortably & competently move through life.
Check Payal out @breatheandbend

For more info or to book your class:
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What is yoga? Yoga is simply breathing & movement

I can’t touch my toes, can I do yoga? If you can breathe you can do yoga! This is the only prerequisite, the rest of it our instructors will guide you through.

What do I wear to a yoga class? Comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. A tighter fitting top or one you can tuck in is better when doing inversions (don’t panic I’m talking down dog’s rather than handstands!)

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat? If you have your own mat you are welcome to bring it along to class. Otherwise we have all the equipment you need including mats, blocks & straps. It’s also a good idea to bring a sweat towel & drinking water but again we have got you covered if you forget them.

Why should I do yoga? We believe everyone needs yoga in their life! There are so many benefits to be gained from making yoga a part of your daily or weekly routine from injury recovery & prevention to stress & anxiety management, weight loss & increased energy. The benefits of yoga are felt more so when you are off the mat rather than during the time you spend on it!

Kids Yoga

Kids are natural yogi’s, especially the little one’s – have you seen their down dog’s & yoga squats!!
We are all born flexible but as we grow, learn alternative ways of movement & become restricted by modern day life, like sitting in a chair at a desk, our bodies begin to tighten & our natural flexibility decreases. Practising yoga from a young age helps to offset this as well as provide tools to help manage emotions, boost self esteem, increase body awareness & develop focus & concentration.


How do kids do yoga? Depending on the age group, kids yoga uses stories, games & themes to guide them along the journey. Children’s imaginations are far wilder than ours so a class may not make much sense to us but kids love pretending to walk on the moon, be a lion in the jungle or a hungry crocodile. For the older kids we explore thoughts, feelings & emotions, they love to design their own sequences or yoga dance routine & they still enjoy playing games & going on adventures!

From what age can children do yoga? Yoga has no age restrictions. Babies & toddlers can practice with their parents; from around 3 years of age when children are more independent they can practice by themselves. As children grow & get older the practice develops into the more traditional style like a regular adult class. We have 4 age groups for our kids yoga classes to help deliver a class that is suitable & applicable to the age range.

My child can’t sit still, will yoga help? If you ask a child to sit still of course they are not going to do it!
However if you ask a child to hide in the grass or be a rock so the Gruffalo won’t find them, they are far more likely to be still for a few moments.
Capture their imagination, help them understand the why & they will begin to learn the skill.

My child does not like exercise/PE/games, will they like yoga? Kids yoga is play & all children like playtime. Sometimes our play is active & involves teamwork, other times it may involve being mindful & still while drawing or colouring a picture by themselves. There is something for everyone in a kids yoga class.

Can I stay in the studio & watch the class? Children behave & perform differently when being watched by their parents or carer.
In class we like all yogi’s to be & feel happy, comfortable & free to be themselves. Therefore we kindly ask you to let your child enjoy their class by themselves while you relax in the Smith St Paleo cafe right outside.

Family Yoga

In a world where both parents & children are constantly busy with their own activities, spending quality time together as a family or one on one with your child is time well spent.
Family yoga provides a wonderful space to spend healthy & happy time together, with no phones, distractions or even any expectations; it’s just you & your child/children supporting each other & having fun.


Who can come to a family yoga class? Our family yoga class is for children aged 3 years & over plus Mum, Dad, Grandparent, Uncle…, basically any combination that wants to come along!
Coming soon we will have additional classes for parents & babies & also parents & toddlers.

We have never done yoga before, what will we do in class? Each class will be different but will always incorporate breathing, movement & mindfulness. There will be group & partner poses, dancing, singing, games & activities. No previous experience is required, you just need to be open to having fun & giving it a go!

What do we need to bring to class? Just bring a smile & a happy, positive attitude!

I’m worried my child won’t join in or will be disruptive? It’s fine, we all have times where we just want to do our own thing! Generally though if your child sees you, their sibling or others enjoying an activity they will not want to miss out on the fun. If they really feel they need some time out they welcome to take it & there will be books & colouring available for such times.

What will we gain from coming to a family yoga class? There are so many benefits of enjoying yoga together as a family. It creates a connection between mind, body & each other, it develops confidence, understanding & compassion, it promotes healthy habits & body image but most importantly it is FUN for everyone!