Why you should do The Open!

Have you registered yet? Are you even going to register? Either way with the 2020 CrossFit Open just a few days away from CrossFit HQ releasing 20.1 here are 5 reasons why you should do it! 1) You Can – Whether you decide to make it official and register you can still participate. The Open is completely scalable; there is a scaled division and should you not be able to hit these scales our coaching team will be on hand to make sure you get the most out of the workout! 2) Test – Test yourself; if you have been a regular CrossFitter or Open participant this is your chance to test your fitness and depending on the workouts possibly retest a workout or two. For the general population who train to stay fit and healthy it is also the chance to test yourself and how hard you can push during the 5 weeks of the open. You may end up doing something you have never done before! 3) Environment – The word “CrossFit Open” and “Testing” can be intimidating however the environment is anything but and you will have a huge amount of support both from members and coaches to push you through the workout. Compete against yourself or your friends, there is nothing like a competition environment to bring that hidden competitor out of you! 4) Learn – You learn, you will find out what you need to work on and you will see that the work that you have been putting in is paying off. I’m sure you will find out a little bit more about yourself also throughout the 5 weeks. 5) Fun – It is what it’s all about, coming in, working out and having fun with your friends and gym family. You will also get a good workout and that in itself will always make you better! InnerFight will be running Open Workouts on Saturday Mornings at 9:30am (briefing starts at 9:15am sharp!) Everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing you all there! For 20.5, the final workout, we will be holding the workout on Friday 8th November followed by a social get together to celebrate! Wanting to register officially for The Open then head to games.crossfit.com Want to come and do The Open workout with us or you have any questions? Contact us on winning@innerfight.com By; Jamie Clarke, Performance Coach