Why Coach? The Rewards of being a Coach.

First of all, I want you to think back. A very long time maybe for some, but think about who was your favourite ever coach? It could be in any sport, from football to skiing to horse riding. But what was it that they had, that made them your favourite coach? Was it because they taught you the most detailed and technical part of your sport, or because they had a huge wealth of knowledge and experience? Or was it because they actually seemed like they give a shit? For me, looking back, my favourite coaches were the ones that I knew actually cared, and also know that they were the ones that felt the most rewarded after a success. For anyone who has ever coached a sport, whether it be to a small under 8’s rugby team, or a CrossFit class full of keen fitness enthusiasts, you will understand the rewards that the job can bring. It’s about the simple joy and happiness that comes from somebody doing something for the first time, or for reaching a goal that they initially thought would be impossible. I only wish I had a video of Susana’s face this week when she put together her first ever set of unbroken double unders. It’s about the priceless smiles that come from developing a trust based relationship that exists between coach and client. It’s about the simple ‘nod’ of appreciation from across the room when something finally clicks. It’s about knowing that we have the ability to change lives every single day by encouraging people to do the simplest of things. It’s about somebody reaching a stage where they are ready to challenge themselves, whether it be the CrossFit open, a 10k race, a triathlon or something even more obscure. This is why I love my job, and everything that comes with it, and would encourage anyone who has ever questioned whether or not they should become a coach in any sport, to go ahead and do it. We have a great new course in the Innerfight Internship which would help any aspiring coaches grow and develop their coaching skills. For more info on this, feel free to drop me an email at bd@innerfight.com.     By: Ben Davies, InnerFight Performance Coach