It's something, for some reason, I could relate to Golf. There is something about hitting the perfect golf shot, just like there is something special when you hit the spot on Clean & Jerk or Snatch. I find it super rewarding as these lifts get better because I feel it results from a lot of hard work. 

Here are my reasons why:

Better Mobility:
Getting the body into these positions is not easy, and as you get better at the lifts, your flexibility and mobility improve as well. A good front rack position and a good Overhead squat/bottom of a good snatch are tough to come by and well earned once achieved.

Faster and more explosive:
There is also something about the timing and speed of the lifts. There is almost a finesse to it. Getting your body to move in sync to manipulate the bar to give you half a second to get under it is a great skill. This speed also translates to other things like a higher vertical jump. Understanding how to use your hips could mean your kipping pullups and HSPU gets better. Moving your body in such a complex movement with speed has a lot of carrying over to other activities within sport and life.

What is there not to like? Moving around a barbell the way you do in Olympic lifting is fun. You feel powerful, and being able to manipulate a weight like that almost feels graceful when done right.

There is also the challenge that comes with it. I think that's what people get hooked on.

Instant Feedback:
You know if you have done it right or wrong soon as you catch/receive the weight. It feels like the most perfectly timed lift you have ever done in your life if done well. It feels effortless and in perfect harmony with speed and skill.

When done wrong, that's another story. The good news is you get instant feedback. You feel shaky and unstable, and the weight tends to feel a lot heavier than it needs to be. These are all great feedback cues to help you perfect and try to do better on the next lift.

A skill you can never master:
Weird thing to say, but just like your golf swing. There are generally always things to get better at. Maybe going a little wider with my hands might help the snatch? Maybe trying to jump a little higher might help me get under the bar better. There are many things to look at, and it can be a never-ending pursuit.

This is why I think Weightlifting is great for people. Want to learn or get better? Join our weightlifting class here at Innerfight. It might be a new obsession!

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