Who writes your program?

The world is littered with training programs that are going to get "you" the results that "you" want. Well let me ask you this, does the person that wrote that program even know "you" and what results "you" want? I would suggest no is the answer, but seen as the program is wrapped up so well in great marketing we buy into it every single time! 100%In this post I want to offer you 6 key points when you are getting yourself a new program or success plan:
  1. Know what you want: You have to be very clear on your goals from the get go. Write them down and fully understand them. Until you have done this how on earth can you expect anyone to be able to get you there.
  2. Do your research: Take time to find the person that you think can best help you achieve your goals. This is not something you can rush. Some people can search for months or years to find the right person. Remember you are going to entrust this person to help you achieve your goals.
  3. Are they in shape: I find it very hard to take health advise of fat doctors. I also find it very hard to respect overweight trainers. It is way easier for me to buy into someone that is in awesome shape themselves as they clearly know what's up.
  4. Give them everything: If you give them the whole story then the chances of them delivering a program that is successful are a lot higher. Too many people hold certain issues or facts back and wander why they are not getting what they want. Not many people can read minds so get all the information across clearly.
  5. Understand why: You are paying for the program right? Well then it's your right to ask as many questions as come into your head. It will be a lot easier for you to execute the plan if you understand it a bit better.
  6. Review: If there is not review timelines along with mini goals to get you to the big goal then you have not chosen the right person to take you to your dreams. If it's a monthly update then ensure it happens monthly, if it's a weekly update then make sure you are doing it. This is your check point and you have to take it seriously.
So pick who writes your program carefully. Remember you are trusting them with your body to achieve your goals. That is no job to be taken lightly by anyone, especially not you.
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