When Life Changes

The only thing that is constant about life is change! Change comes in many forms. It may come having planned it over some time or without notice. No matter how organized you are things don’t always go to plan.

I have recently gone through one of life's most significant changes and became a father. It's fair to say that life has forever changed. It has been an enormous challenge for a person who is somewhat self-centered and selfish with his time. Adjusting life to ensure the safety and well-being of someone dependent on you continues to be the biggest challenge and learning.

When life changes, remember the following three things to keep you grounded and moving forward!

Change = Learning – There are no books on life or fatherhood, for that matter. Go with your gut feeling and let your instincts kick in, every challenge or change is an opportunity to learn, and you should be grateful that you are in a position to know!

Appreciate the little things in life – Something we all tend to forget, stay in the moment, enjoy the smiles, the minutes you spend with your loved ones, and the small wins you get every day.

Everyone goes through change – If you're having a bad moment or day, remember you are not alone, and it could be worse.

Life is a journey that ultimately leads to the same destination for everyone. The changes along the way and how you deal with them will shape who you are. No one's perfect, and that's the point, so keep on living life!

By; Jamie Clarke, Performance Coach