When I was a kid

When I sat down to start writing this, I had a huge list of nostalgic memories from growing up.  Whilst this was actually really good fun to think about and reflect on, I don’t think it would of served you any value and so back to the drawing board I went.    

When we are kids we all fantasize about what we want to be.  We dress up, play and pretend with our friends. We might be army men, shop workers, magicians, pop stars, hairdressers or doctors. What we also do is run, squat, climb, move, hang, swing, roll and jump.   

Then we get a little bit older, and people, programs and society tells us what we SHOULD be. I remember being in school in a very uninspiring lesson when I was 14 or 15 and typing answers into some computer software which then ‘spat out’ the perfect professions for me to focus on. I was then advised to take A-levels by my ‘careers advisor’ that would push me in that direction - I only wish now I could remember what they were.  

My mum and dad were always supportive but never tried to sway me one way or another. What I wanted to do was always my choice and as long as I was happy with it, they were happy. We have a family friend who was an optician and white water canoeist who said “if you work for more than half of the year, you are working too much.” Seemed like a good idea to me... 

It is estimated we will spend 30% of our lives working!  

What’s insane to me is that over and over again people tell me how much they dislike, hate, lament what they do and I often wonder, why they do it?  That’s a lot of your time spent being unhappy, why don’t they change paths? I’ve done it 3 times, my wife has done it 3 times, what’s the problem. 

When we were kids, we dreamt of jobs that were fun, exciting, adventurous and brought us joy! If you are not in that position daily then perhaps you need to recalibrate! It’s never too late! 

When I was kid, I use to run around for fun. I would chase things, sprint down hills as fast as I could, find the tallest tree and try to climb it, leave home in the morning with a bag, some friends and some cash and not return until dinner time. I would roll, squat, climb, swing, hang, swim, jump, walk, hike and not give it a second thought. If you know how we work at InnerFight then you will know that’s pretty much what I do on a daily basis right now! And to add extra layers to this cake, I get to help people discover their own adventures through endurance running as well. 

Go back and have a conversation with your inner child. Figure out your values and find out what truly makes you happy, how you are going to get it, and make the move.  

By Rob Jones, Endurance Coach

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