What the Numbers Really Mean

We all get too caught up by the number on the scale for the wrong reasons. When we go on a diet, for many of us the only thing on our mind is getting under a certain weight. A lot of the time the number of kilograms on the scale isn't what actually matters - we need to look past it. Girls in particular I’ve known only care about weighing under 60 kg without looking at the amount of fat or lean body mass. Most scales don't give you a realistic view of how your body is composed - that's why it's important to use a proper scale. The one you have at home is useless and you should just throw it in the garbage. Body Composition Analysis - BCA as we call it here at InnerFight. Why is this a better way to follow your progress?  Because this machine measures more than just your total body weight. I'll give you the most important numbers to look at:
  1. Total Body Water
Did you know that our body is built up by 60-70% of water? It's in your bones, blood, organs, muscles... pretty much everywhere. Always take a look at this number and compare it to the previous week. Don't stress out when you've gained 2 kg body weight when really, it's just water.
  1. Fat in Kg
The most important one! You want to work hard to reduce this one. All the energy coming from carbs, protein and fat that you're not using ends up being stored as fat. This can be under the skin, around the organs and between your muscles.
  1. Lean Body Mass in Kg
In a more simpler term: muscles. This generally goes up the more you train while consuming the right fuel.
  1. Visceral Fat
This is fat stored around your organs. It's a necessity to protect them from impact, so a small amount is needed - but not a lot. Keep this number low to avoid diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.   When you do your weigh-in, try to make it first thing in the morning on the same day of each week. Do it before you work out, otherwise the results may be unreliable. These are just numbers and it's all about how happy you are with yourself in the end. If your diet is making you miserable, it's not giving you the results that you hoped for, or the only thing you can think of is your next cheat day, this is not the diet for you. "The best diet is the one you don't know you're on" We all have different reasons and goals when we start a diet. It's important to remember a diet is just what we eat - it's not a quick fix, not a temporary change, but a part of our lives. Some people want to look skinny, others want a 6-pack and some just want to be healthy. No matter what diet you're on, whether it's the paleo diet, counting macros or going full vegan - make sure it's something that makes you feel good about yourself. You will enjoy life and have less stress and less stress will help you to lose those extra kilos wayyyy easier. Come see a member of our team - we aren't perfect and have all struggled at some point with what we see on the scale. We'd love to help.     By: Carmen Bosmans, InnerFight Performance Coach