What’s Crossfit now

If you have a Instagram account the overload of home workouts is exploding in your face. This covid quarantine era isn’t all bad, if you ask me. Never before have I seen so many people trying to find ways to workout. Not only the people who have something to do in the fitness industry or the pro athletes. 

Now that they have taken away the freedom of moving as much as we want. Makes it kinda more popular in the eyes of the not so active people.

The fact they closed the gyms and every other activity you can think of - has made it more “wanted” because that’s what humans are like. We all want what we can’t get or aren't allowed. 

The point being, since they have shut all gyms even the people who never used to go to gyms are missing it and feel like they should do some fitness. 

Maybe this whole virus situation will change the way people look at health and fitness and will motivate everyone, just a little bit more to get off their asses and eat healthier.

If we look back to the early days of Crossfit - where it was no more than doing a “Workout Of the Day” in your own garage box - this originated the name “Crossfit box” what people later, all over the world started to use instead of “gym” as they wanted to separate themself from the classic globo gym. The brand and cult grew super fast over the past 10-15 years. Going from the basic home gym to massive facilities all over the world. 

Look at how InnerFight started. Marcus training people on the beach 10 years ago and now we are building a new facility from the ground up, designed to give the best fitness experience you can get in Dubai.

One of the main reason CrossFit grew so fast was the “The Crossfit games” that was held the first time in 2007 on a ranch in California. Each year it became bigger and bigger and more athletes coming from different backgrounds in sports, saw an opportunity in this way of training. 

This has created many new opportunities for athletes from different backgrounds in sports who were burned out by what they were doing or had reached the top and wanted something else to push them even further. 

The way athletes have changed over the past years in Crossfit is immense. Looking back to stats from 10 years ago. Girls are now lifting the mens weights from 2010. 

But what will happen with Crossfit now that they have cancelled all events for the next months? Are athletes still motivated to train for something that might not happen? 

It will be interested to see - for sure! 

What about the normal gym members who used to go to their local Crossfit box because they loved the community and that’s what keeps them motivated? 

The reaction of Crossfit facilities have been different and owners trying to change their whole business model over a few days has been very interesting to watch. When people are driven in a corner they come up with some of the most creative ways to keep their head above the water. 

No matter how we twist and turn it - we are back where it first started and that’s in our own garage box or for some even their living room. 

Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics, it makes us appreciate the little things again. 

Keep supporting each other with positive talk, working out together virtually from a distance and stay inside- that’s all we can control for now.

Peace Boz