What does Fitness Mean to You?

Ok, so we've all had that conversation - what is the best way to train and the best way to get fit? Triathletes would argue that it's them, runners would say running, sports players would argue the case for their own sport, and of course CrossFit athletes argue that CrossFit is the best way. 


The truth is, it really depends on what fitness means to you. 


If you were to define fitness, would it be Greg Glassman’s CrossFit approach, would it be based on how fast you can run a 10k, would it be your best triathlon time or whether you have completed an ultra-marathon? You must find your own version of what fitness really means to you. This is the only way you can fully understand and achieve the realistic goals that you have set yourself. 


In my opinion, the programming of CrossFit does provide you with the broadest range of exercises in order to ‘increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains’. This arguably makes it the best way to get better at a whole lot of fitness elements all at once. You also get to learn new things and use lots of different equipment. However, I also feel that there is far more to overall fitness than what you can do inside of a gym. 


My definition of fitness would be somewhat similar to the CrossFit definition;

'Fitness is based on your ability at running, jumping, climbing, swimming, lifting, pushing, pulling, throwing, catching, coordinating, biking and dragging all across different times, distances and speeds.


Fitness to me, is having the ability to say yes to anything at any time.

‘Fancy a 10k run?’ - Yes

'Game of tennis?' - Yep

‘Let's go climb that rope’ - Yes

‘Flip that tire and move that weight’ - Hell yeah.

‘I’m doing this challenge in 6 months, wanna train for it?’ - Yes


Other people however, have different opinions on what fitness means and the truth is there is no right or wrong answer, it is extremely subjective. The important thing is that whatever your idea of fitness is, you work towards improving it, while making sure you stay injury free, have bloody good fun at the same time.


By: Ben Davies, InnerFight Performance Coach