What now

What now is a question that usually follows some sort of ending. Be it an event or race, an injury or completion of a goal. It's a prompt, a way for you to think or share what you will be doing next.

'What now' has been at the forefront of many peoples mind in recent times thanks to the postponement and cancellations of a lot of races. Usually, you finish a race and you can simply go enter another. The question is almost answered for you. Of course when no races are on, or 'what now' is asked after an injury has occurred or you no longer feel the need to pursue your sport it becomes difficult to answer.

It doesn't need to be difficult though. Try to think of the question a little differently. Turn a 'what now' into an 'I will...'

'I will...' is a statement of confidence, and is not to be confused with I hope... or I could... To say a statement of confidence, you need to be confident you can achieve it. Saying I will win blah blah or I will beat so and so can be said, but unless you are supremely confident you can, you will feel doubt. Setting out an I will... statement needs to have 100% of your backing, no back of the mind doubts.

I will... Wake up at 5 am every day. I will... give my best to every training session I have this week. I will... Enter an event I want to do. All of these you control as they require little to no external input. If you say an I will and feel doubt, stop yourself, rethink it before you go on.

So next time you are asked or think to yourself 'what now', answer with an I will of pure confidence and watch your success rate of goals go through the roof.

By; Tom Walker, Endurance Coach By; Tom Walker, Endurance Coach