List your top 3 priorities in order now. Is what you have listed aligned with how you think and act? Do the priorities you state change depending on who you are talking to? Think about it. It's an interesting one. 

The InnerFight coaching team was asked this question a few months ago when we had a speaker in for the afternoon. It was interesting to think about our top 3 priorities, compare them with each other, and see how they varied from what we thought instead of what we said in the group setting. Some stated their top priority as work, others family, and others training. No one's answers were right or wrong, but they were different and have likely shifted during various stages of our lives.  

Your top priority is your top priority. But you need to know it like really understand it and be accountable to it. Not change it based on what you think others want to hear. For example, suppose you sit down with your coach and tell them your top priority is your training, but work a 70 hour week or have five children who probably depend on you. In that case, you are just saying your priority is training to impress your coach, or even kid yourself into thinking you can give more than you can to your sport. 

There is zero shame in telling your coach that you have other priorities outside of training. It’s normal to be pulled in several directions and have multiple commitments. But you’re likely setting yourself up for failure if you are not true to your commitments and availability. 

Priorities shift and change throughout our lives and often even throughout the year. You might be focussing on a specific race followed by some downtime, or you might be working on a vast career-changing opportunity at work. I recommend that you stay present and authentic to your three priorities, think about them often, align your time accordingly, and remain true to your coach about what matters the most. 

If you and your coach are on the same page from day 1, wonderful things can happen. 


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