What Is Our Body REALLY Designed To Do?

Post by Adam Sayers
Driving around in our cars and sitting at our desks, most of us think that we are above animals. The top of the food chain! But we are not, we are part of the biological dynamic of this earth, the same as any other animal. We are animals! We tend to forget that our species name is Homo Sapien, which is a descendant of the primate order that originated in Africa. And if we are able to forget that, then we definitely tend to forget that our body has a natural way of moving. A way that it is meant to move, in fact, designed to move.
Terribly wrong indeed! Our body, is quite simply designed to move! To move in a very specific way actually. Everything in our body, from the joints (and their surfaces) to the muscles, tendons and ligaments is designed to function a certain way. Even the cartilage that covers our joints is designed to take certain loads and our muscles are made to function in very specific ratios with each other. Everything in our body is made to work congruently and it all pivots around movement.
So you can see how sitting for roughly 60% of our day is detrimental to our health. Firstly, our body is in a position it is not designed to be for long periods and secondly, the static position provides no stimulation to our body. Which is what it needs to function at it's best.
But, for me, the main implication of all the above is that our body is not designed to lift massively heavy weights, it is designed to move its own weight around. And this is what gives your muscle, ligaments and nervous system the correct feed back to create a healthy body. After all, you don't see any animals in the wild lifting weights do you? And have a look at how perfectly proportioned their musculature is, because it is moving the way it is meant to!!
So, the message from above is very simple. Do what your body is designed to do, which is move! Do it in as many ways as possible but especially, always try to fit in as many body weight exercises as possible as these are what will give you the best results. Simply because that is what your body appreciates best!
Dr Adam Sayers is a Chiropractor at both the Greenside Clinic and Pure Health Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa where he has been practising for 5 years. He has special interests in family wellness and pediatrics and his passion for improved general health and the empowerment of people to make the right health and lifestyle choices. You can follow him on Twitter or contact him direct by mail
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