What is mobility and why do we need it?

▪️WHY IS MOBILITY IMPORTANT? Being mobile and having good mobility is very important, it allows our body to move the way we want it too at any given moment, helps us get in positions we want/need without any limitations or pain. Something simple like lifting an object overhead is much easier when you have good mobility and helps to perform the task safely without potentially injuring yourself. ▪️WHAT IS MOBILITY? A lot of people are easily confused to what the difference is between mobility and flexibility and it’s really quite simple.
  • MOBILITY is the ability for a joint to move freely through its full range of motion. Let’s take the shoulder joint, a ball and socket joint that moves in 8 different ways being the most mobile joint in the body.
  • FLEXIBILITY is the ability of your muscles to stretch, contract and relax. Touching your toes from standing requires mostly the flexibility in your hamstrings, if the hamstrings are flexible then they will stretch enough allowing you to easily touch your toes.
Tight muscles do not allow our joints to reach their full extent of R.O.M so having good flexibility also aids good mobility. ▪️MOBILITY AND EXERCISE If you’re finding certain exercises or movements difficult it’s probably down to mobility or flexibility. You need to establish what and where the problem is then perform exercises to help either or. Mobility exercises that take your joints through your current R.O.M and consciously work to improve your positioning, posture and movement or stretches that increase your flexibility in the muscles that play apart in the movement/exercise. Do not guess, do your research or ask your coach. Do your daily exercises or stretches and reap the rewards! Mobility videos available on my Instagram @coachlloydmelling Any questions or advice please feel free to contact me. Thanks for reading.

By; Lloyd Melling, Performance Coach