What is InnerFight OCR?

You might have seen lots of people running around the gym over the past 2 years carrying sandbags and swinging around on objects like apes. This is most likely some of my clients taking part in one of our OCR classes held at the gym. Its either that or they have a screw loose and need to be contained.

InnerFight OCR started back in March 2019 where I joined the InnerFight coaching team to set up something different in the business. If you haven’t caught on what it means yet then let me clear up what OCR stands for - Obstacle Course Racing. 

Although Marcus doesn’t race obstacle races as most of them are way to short for him, he has taken part in Obstacle races in the past and knows that the sport is growing rapidly with more and more events popping up each year. No wonder he didn’t mind me coming in and setting up InnerFight OCR. 

What sort of athlete can get involved with InnerFight OCR? When I say this I really mean it, literally, everyone who comes to the gym can get involved with OCR. We have clients who come to classes who train to compete competitively in Obstacle races. We have clients who come to work out with their friends then drink coffee together afterward. We also have clients who just enjoy a different kind of workout which has a complete mix of training. I’d argue that every exercise you do can have some sort of benefit towards an obstacle course race. This is the beauty of this sport, there's something for everyone whether you are a runner, a circuit class goer, or someone who enjoys lifting up heavy weights.

When it comes to the training for OCR the idea behind my classes is that they should always be fun. This “fun” can come in many different ways. If racing and competing is fun for you then we have it covered. If working out with a group of positive people is fun for you then again we have it covered. If challenging yourself to learn new skills and push yourself beyond what you thought you could, that's covered also. The point I’m trying to get across here is that no matter your fitness level, OCR can be fun for everyone who gets involved. I have witnessed clients who could not hang from a bar on day one progress to being able to swing like a monkey across bars and rings (Yes I’m talking about Maha Ashour and Hayley Richardson here. Two girls who started from scratch and are now flying in my OCR classes). 

When it comes to actual obstacle course races Spartan Race is the most popular of them all (and there's a reason why). Spartan Race founder Jo De-Sena is a huge believer in just getting people moving. He set a target to get 1 million people off the couch and to a Spartan Race start line. That target got crushed quickly so he’s now set the bar even higher to 100 million people! 

Do you have to do an actual race to come to an InnerFight OCR class? No, of course not. If you just want to come to see what it is about, have some fun whilst working out with an awesome bunch of people then this is for you. Not everyone who comes to my classes takes part in races. In fact, id say half of the class comers have never even done an obstacle course race.

When are InnerFight OCR classes? We started in 2019 with just 1 class per week at 6am. This quickly grew and we are now at 6 classes per week with the following schedule:

Mondays 5:30am, 6:30am and 6:30pm (mixed male & female)

Wednesdays 5:30am & 6:30am (mixed male & female)

Wednesday 6:30pm (female only) (Women’s Warrior Wednesdays).

If you’d like to join one of our OCR classes feel free to reach out to myself, Ivana or book in with one of our rockstars on reception:


Email - gc@innerfight.com 

Instagram - @george_crewe


Email - ik@innerfight.com

Instagram - ivko_fitness


Email - winning@innerfight.com

Call - 045851138

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you taking part in one of our OCR classes soon. Bring a friend if you like!

George Crewe, InnerFight OCR coach