What is Golf Strong?

Golf has been an obsession of mine since I was a kid. One of the things I remember the most was in the summer sneaking into the golf studio with my friends and recording our swings and comparing it to the pros, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, you name it. We had so much fun trying to make our swings look like theirs.

The gym and training slowly started creeping in towards my late teens, and the idea was that if I got stronger, that would help my golf.  

After going all-in with coaching fitness and pretty much-stopping golf for 15 years, I fell in love with coaching people, but my golf obsession was still there.

I started playing golf again around May 2019, and I was hooked all over again within one golf swing. What I noticed was how relatively quickly my game came back. It was easier to feel the positions I was accustomed to and needed to find again when I had lessons. This translated to the course and scores getting better pretty quickly.  

Now, this is where Golf Strong comes in. I wanted to help golfers get better the way I knew how by training. The conversations I would have about having pain killers to get through a round or feeling very limited in their swing because it was impossible to get their body in that position were crazy. I knew I could help.

Golf Strong is a way to get golfers stronger, fitter, healthier, and in turn better at golf. Building a solid foundation getting it strong, flexible, and pain-free is the goal of the program. I know if you can Deadlift 100kg, squat, lunge, and do burpees (we all hate them), pain-free can directly translate to improving your golf game.  

Building a solid base allows us to add speed and power. You cannot add speed without a solid foundation to handle it.  

Developing a pain-free swing by teaching golfers how to use their bodies and understanding how to use specific muscles to stabilize and handle the load of the golf swing.  

Most of all, make training fun. Golf is a fantastic sport, but sometimes the fitness and training side can be overlooked and intimidating. The Golf Strong program is small group sessions where we train hard, have fun and give a high five or two. 

Want to take your golf game to the next level? Contact me at sj@innerifght.com, and we can also enjoy an epic coffee afterward.

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