Just like that, we are in the final few weeks of the year. So, what did you do with your 2022? What was achieved? Or what, perhaps, didn’t get ticked off? 

I challenge you to sit down with a pen and paper for 20 mins before the year ends and write down what you accomplished. You have forgotten some things you did this year! (Flicking through your camera roll or diary can help jog your busy mind). 

Once you have created your list, it will fill you with a sense of pride or make you wish you had carved out some more time for the things that mean the most to you. Let the pride propel you into the new year. And if you had some realisations, no stress, highlight these areas and pop them at the top of your 2023 planner. Review them often, and make 2023 epic. 

Thanks, 2022. Here’s to another! 

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