Welcome to Ladies Run Club

In 2020 something amazing happened, 16 women, who didn’t know each other, came together to help create our Ladies Run Club. Starting this club had been a topic of conversation amongst the Endurance Coaches for a few months, but when the launch post went live on Social Media, the response was overwhelming.  Not heard about us yet? We are a ladies only running club in Dubai and cater for all abilities. Whether you are running for the first time, or training for a marathon, we have you covered. Your membership entitles you to 2 coached run sessions as week, by me, Stephanie Humphrey. Sessions are currently run at InnerFight (Studio City) and on the Palm. (More locations coming soon!) We are growing each week and month, but in order to ensure that class sizes are kept small and intimate, we are growing the number of sessions each day, and the number of sessions each week, as opposed to overloading the current sessions. Currently we have 3 time slots every Monday and Wednesday (5:59am, 8:29am, 5:59pm).  What is more than just the running, is the community that has emerged within the Ladies Run Club group. It has become more of a friendship group of ladies from around the world. We have so many different cultures and countries amongst our members and everyone is leaning into the community to create a great atmosphere in each session or social.  Yes, we have socials, nothing too formal, it might just be a coffee or breakfast after your weekend run or on your rest day. Come along and see what we are all about for yourself. You won’t regret it! If you are interested in joining, please reach out to us on Instagram (@if_ladiesrunclub) or email sh@innerfight.com. 
By; Stephanie Humphrey, Endurance Coach