How to Structure your Warm Up

One of the biggest missing components in the fitness world nowadays is the warm up or we can also call it Integrated movement prep as it makes it sound a bit more exciting! The movement prep is an opportunity to improve many aspects of your training and therefore needs to be a top priority in your training regime. The whole concept of warming is to fire your neuromuscular system, increase your heartrate and increase blood flow to the working muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. When you are creating your warm up routine you need to make it specific to the training session that you are about to hit. A warm up should also include technical work to improve mechanics in the movements you will be exposed to in your training session. I listened to a podcast the other day with Tex McQuilkin who explained how “The Power Athlete” structures their warm up routine. Their set up resonated really well with me and I thought I would share it in this article: They break their warm up routine into 3 steps:
  • Isometric stability work – To improve body control and engagement.
  • Dynamic mobility work – To prepare joints to move through range of motion under tension.
  • Energy system preparation – To stimulate metabolic pathways.
A proper warm up improves your biomechanical efficiency which means that you can express more power and have a general, improved, physical output in your training session. The whole system is integrated and therefore I always try to stimulate the body with that in mind.   By: Andre Houdet, Performance Coach