Is it time to try CrossFit?

People are very cautious when it comes to joining a CrossFit gym. They have the impression that on day 1, you will be expected to do 10 rope climbs and lift 200kgs, all before throwing up and getting injured. This could not be further from the truth. A CrossFit gym is so much more than being just about training. It's a place to meet new mates, get fit and have fun all at the same time. Having played sport all of my life, when I stopped, I felt a massive void (which will be talked about a different time). I missed the laughs, the banter and the camaraderie that came with being part of a team. InnerFight has genuinely been a life changer and I don't mean from only a training perspective. It is as close to being a part of a football or rugby or any team for that matter. Joining InnerFight is one of the best decisions I ever made and I would definitely urge you to get involved in a CrossFit gym which has a community like this one.   By: Ben Davies, Performance Coach