8 Great Travel Workouts

I have had many people and clients ask me what they should be doing on their holidays, and can I write them some workouts to do?? Most of the time they never do them. Usually I respond by saying "Please do not waste my time" knowing that they wont do them. Am I right to say that?? Most of the time. A while back, I wrote  an article on this, with a list of workouts to do whilst on holiday/vacation. I think it's time for a little upgrade here. Staying active on holidays is the way to go, you don't have to do something everyday, but at least every second or third day will be good. Trust me, there will be no regrets, make sure you get this done first thing in the morning. Then simply have some breakfast, then you may proceed to coast all day on a cocktail or whatever it is. Even if you don't drink, you will definitely enjoy relaxing your face after doing some of these workouts. Here are some options for you: 1.
  •     1000m run or row
  •     100 air squats
  •     800m run or row
  •     80 lunges
  •     600m run or row
  •     60 sit ups
  •     400m run or row
  •     40 push ups
  •     200m run or row
  •     20 burpees
Hopefully, you'll get horizontal after that. 2. If you don't have much time, but you would appreciate a good belting, this is for you.   5 minute AMRAP      'DB MANMAKERS'  This is in capital letters for a reason. If you haven't done or don't know what a Man Maker is, YouTube it please. Don't strategise this workout.  Attack it, clean up your sweat and leave the gym. 3.
  •     400m row or run
  •     21 DB Man Makers
  •     400m run or row
  •     15 DB Man makers
  •     400m row or run
  •     9 DB Man Makers
(You could always scale the movement down a little to a 'Devils press.' You'll still have a great experience. 4. Find a hill. 10 x 30second hill sprints, walk down to recover. Make sure you have a watch. Do not be an idiot!! Warm up by doing the first 2 sets around 70-80 percent. Then get after it. 5. Swimming Workouts....On the beach?? Yes please.
  •   Swim 100m out and back
  •   50 burpees
  •   Swim 100m out and Back
  •   40 burpees
  •   Swim 100m out and back
  •   30 burpees
  •   Swim 100m out and back
  •   20 burpees
  •   Swim 100m out and back
  •   10 burpees
If you think you are a beginner with swimming, scale it to 50m out and back. 6. The next 2 workouts will require a pool.
  •     Swim 1 length under water
  •     Freestyle swim back, rest exactly 1 min. Complete 8-10 rounds.
7. If you got a bit of time and you want a bit more volume, try this one. You will need some Dumbbells.
  •  3 rounds as fast as possible
  •  Swim 2 lengths
  •  25 unbroken DB thrusters
  •  Rest 3 mins
  •  3 rounds as fast as possible
  •  Swim 2 lengths
  •  25 hang DB snatches, swap hands every 5 reps
  •  Rest 3 mins
  •  3 rounds as fast as possible
  •  Swim 2 lengths
  •  25 deficit push ups on Dumbbells or scale to regular push ups.
You shouldn't need to talk to anyone for a while after that one! 8. Alternating EMOM (nothing beats a good EMOM)
  •  Min 1: 8-15 burpees
  •  Min 2: 15 kettlebell swings
  •  Min 3: 25 Air Squats
Complete 7-10 rounds, 21-30 mins of work.   I hope these help. Remember, whereever you go, you are training to not suck at life. I think that will always be my favourite quote.     By: Matt Jones, InnerFight Performance Coach