Overtraining vs. Training for Life

You hear people talk about overtraining very often, but when it’s you, it’s hard to see. It’s hard to listen to anybody telling you and it’s hard for you to step back and realise that you are doing more harm than good. Picture 1 was taken in April 2017. I had completely ‘crashed’ midway through the Crossfit open, both physically and mentally. Energy levels were at an all time low and even though I was training 3-4 hours per day, sometimes 3 sessions per day, the weight was piling on. It took me 2 months of thinking that by training more, I would get back into shape - before I realised that I was doing the exact opposite. I even had to train with a t shirt on for a month!!! It was all my own fault and I take full responsibility. I made a decision to change my training completely. Limiting sessions to 60 minutes, training and eating the way that I knew my body would respond. I have trained for as long as I can remember and know what works for me and what doesn’t. The past 8 months, the principles that I have followed have been specific to my goals. To look good, to feel great, to be around much more for my wife and now daughter, and to not stress about competing or racing with anyone inside or outside of the gym. The results are obvious. I feel more energetic than ever, like I could go out and do any challenge thrown at me, am pretty much injury free, and really enjoying making up some cool and fun workouts to do. Go and enjoy your training guys.     By: Ben Davies, Performance Coach