Have you ever walked into a gym and looked at a training program to wonder why I am doing this? What is the purpose of this?’ or asked your coach these aligned questions?

Having no purpose in training (and life) is kind of pretty serious. So here are three points to keep in mind when you hit the gym to give your training some great purpose:

Warm-up with a purpose: Come on, who doesn’t love giving a half-hearted warm-up or potentially even skipping it! It takes a bit more time to warm up as we get older, but we somehow ignore that. The result is an increased chance of injury, reduced performance, delayed recovery, and of course, no purpose in any of that right.

Here is an example: If you’re meant to perform five sets of 60 seconds work / 60 seconds, rest on an assault bike, and the intention is to target your lactic tolerance threshold. An adequate heart rate warm-up will allow for a better ability to “flush” out lactic acid from the working muscles, so come set two, you won’t hit rock bottom. Your ability to persevere past set 3 while maintaining high output and achieving a large amount of lactic build-up will occur, which is the desired result. 

Move with intention: Perform movements the correct way all the time. No half-arse movements. This is the most challenging component as it can be branched off into so many different avenues, such as moving in a metcon under fatigue due to high intensity. All prior lifts building into a high percentage Olympic lift should all look the same and understand certain elements of movement patterns and execute them when required versus just “muscling” your way through a movement.

Understand the training stimulus: Let’s start with a basic reference that makes things clear. You wouldn’t study mathematics if you were preparing for a history exam. Well, this concept seems to be quite common when training in CrossFit. Losing body fat, increasing absolute max strength, or increasing lactic tolerance require specific training methodologies through strength and conditioning principles that correlate into CrossFit style metcons. Being a coach, one of the best questions I get asked by clients is, “Why am I doing this?” I know they are invested in why they are performing X, Y, Z, but it allows me to share my knowledge of why the training is designed that way and how the client should feel when performing the task.

There are, of course, some other bits of low-hanging fruit that will give your training purpose, but I feel if you stick to these, you will up your game and therefore results pretty nicely. If you want to have a chat about some others, give me a shout, and let's catch up over a coffee or a workout.

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