Top 9 training tips

You've probably heard some of these tips before, but I truly think these tips are useful for anyone who is training for performance or training to get better at life. Now, lets get into it..... 1. COMPETE for faster and better RESULTS. Yes, show up to your training sessions ready to compete against yourself. When you compete and really challenge yourself every time you train, your results will go through the roof. It will always help to keep track of loads you use, and times that you complete training sessions in so that next time you go at it again, you can compete and break records! 2. Be sure to TRAIN HEAVY - but train smart. Train according to your strength levels. Use lower rep in the 1-5 rep/s range while focusing on HIGH quality reps. If you know that your form or technique starts to break down, or if your coach tells you, back it up by lowering the amount of weight you used and focus on being in control of the weight with good form. This will build true strength. 3. Consistency for Strength / Variety for conditioning. A ton of variety will always help with motivation, so add this in for the conditioning piece, or for the short finishers - this keeps things fresh but at the same time, it doesn't take away from your consistent strength training results. 4. Always train Fast - meaning, train EXPLOSIVE. Think about moving the weights as fast as humanly possible even when the weights are heavy. The more you take an AGGRESSIVE approach like this towards your training, the better results you'll get in the end as you'll find your strength gains to be better and more consistent. 5. Avoid going to FAILURE. Especially when it comes to bodyweight training. If you're trying to gain more strength and even conditioning, always leave a few reps in the tank to keep yourself a bit fresh. Push it to the brink but don't over do it. 6. Jump, Sprint, and Jump some more! If you want to become lean and athletic looking and you also want your performance to increase, you've got to sprint and jump. Adding in jumping or a small bit of sprinting a few times a week will give you great results. Trust me. 7. Treat your Nutrition just as seriously as you treat your training. 50/50 wont cut it. 80/20 might work for some, but at the end of the day if you're committed to your training, you have to be committed to your nutrition at the same time. Of course, you can slip a little bit here and there with your nutrition, but don't slack on your training. ;) 8. Always focus on PROGRESSION. If you want to get consistent gains in strength and even conditioning, you need to follow a set of consistent progressions. Not many people are able to jump right from A to Z with different movements, especially if they are complex movements; what you've got to do is to accomplish the steps in between A and Z. It's these steps in between that will help build all round strength and conditioning in order to get you there in the end. It's all about the journey. 9. Have a strong MINDSET. I'm sure you've heard this word a few times now. But in order for you to get the best results possible, you must have your mindset into SUCCESS MODE. You must not only have the confidence that you'll be able to be successful, but you must believe that you will be. I hope these 9 points help your performance with in your training.   By: Matt Jones, InnerFight Performance Coach