4 things I learned going to the games

  • Number One:
No matter how good you prepare it can be over very quick.  Due to the change of the structure in this year games, there were some many brutal cuts, which left no room for mistakes.  After, only the first event 50% of the athletes were cut. This was to remove the vast number of people whom were deemed not fit enough to compete on the big stage at the CrossFit Games. What wasn’t first looked upon was the athletes who got cut because of a mistake they had made or a no rep they had received. This resulted in those individuals dropping too far down the leaderboard, and not being able to make the next cut off. This in fact happened to a several previous ‘Games athletes” such as, Streat Hoerner and Tim Paulson, who have competed multiple times on the big stage. Does this mean they are not fit enough? No, of course it doesn’t, we are just humans and humans make mistakes…  This being said…. “The Best Always Wins” 
  • Number Two:
The lead up to the Games was in fact the most fun!  The quote “Enjoy the journey, not the destination” does in fact have a lot of truth in it. I’ve been competing for 7 years now and usually my prime focus has always been on the competition itself, instead of the process towards this end goal. This has by far is one of the most important things I’ve learned over the few past years.  The 2019 season was totally different for me, as I qualified for the Games through the open and I received a confirmed National Champion spot for Belgium. This is where the real fun actually began… “training for the 2019 CrossFit Games”. This was a dream of mine ever since I competed in my first competition back in 2012.  Although, I was aware of the cuts to the field of athletes, my main objective was to do my very best. Due to this, it enabled me to apply the right mindset towards my training and enjoying the whole lead up to my first Games appearance. Instead of having my sole focus being on the games. Although I did end up being in one of the first cuts, I still loved every moment of the experience.
  • Number Three:
The best always WINS. Why?  Because no matter the circumstances, they always perform. I learnt several things from being in the presence of Matt Fraser and Tia Clair Toomy. These include:
  1. They both had the ability to change their head space when they required. When they were not competing, they were able to adapt and relax in their own environment. During the warm up area they were focused on the task ahead, but were able to joke around and have some ‘trash talk’. But ultimately as soon they stepped on the competition area, they were switched on and are ready to go! You can see it in their eyes, they are here to WIN! 
  2. Both champions only had a select few individuals with them, whom they clearly trusted. So there only focus was on winning.
  • Number Four:
The people you surround yourself with have a huge impact on your experience. The individuals you surround yourself with play a key role on your success. I had such a positive and relaxed environment during both the days before and within the Games, which made me cherish and appreciate every moment during the whole experience. Three months leading up to the Games, Ricky joined our coaching team at Innerfight and from that day onwards I gained myself a training partner. I actually had never really minded training on my own but having someone there who was willing to do every session with me no matter what, made it so much more fun. – Thanks Ricky. I was lucky to fly out to the US two weeks before the Games started. I Spent 5 days in Chicago with Jamie Green, who finished in 3rd place and Elliot Simmonds, my coach who came 19th. I am so proud of their achievements and I am grateful that we got this opportunity together and to make great memories.  Once in Madison, we had a pre-games training camp, where we joined the “Red Pill” athletes: Briggsy, Emma, Kelly, Jows and Andy. These individuals are down to earth, positive minded people, who have a good sense of humor! Exactly what I needed to have a good time.  Lastly, a little thank you note to Cpt. Brooksy and his son James for traveling all the way to Madison and cheering so loud. I could hear them all over the field! The Open is right around the corner so there’s no better time to start prepping. Message me on cb@innerfight.com for tips or even to set up some 1-on-1 By; Carmen Bosmans, Performance Coach