The 10 Face Commandments

Now that 2017 has kicked off, I thought it would be good to remind you about a few things. I hear it all the the start of the year I'm going to start this new training regime, this new nutrition plan, I won't drink as much, I will sleep 8+ hours a night, I've seen this new supplement that will get me results within 30 days blah blah blah. While it is a step in the right direction to start making good choices, often these things simply don't last. For whatever reason. The truth is there's no 'new fix' or special breakthrough. Just because it's the new year, it doesn't mean you'll need something completely brand new and unique. What’s working now and has worked for many years now, will still work. And it's called HARD WORK. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. It never stops. Another important thing to understand is that this progress will never be constant. It'll go up and it will even go down. You must stay committed to the process and learn to battle through it. Here are a few points to share that will help you kick ass day in and day out. Nothing fancy here. Just simple stuff you should be doing:
  1.  Try to take a cold shower first thing in the morning. Don't ask questions, just do it
  2. Have a huge glass of water first thing in the morning, maybe have two
  3. Try to fuel up with the right food. Check out Smith St Paleo for some great meals. I have been getting into these meals this month and they are awesome
  4. Break a sweat every single day, this doesn't mean you have to do a full-blown training session, just find a way to move every day
  5. Lift some HEAVY sh*t at least 3 times a week. Maybe even more!
  6. Don't be lazy. Simple. Don't be a panga
  7. Make sleep a bigger priority
  8. Set your goals more along the performance in the gym, rather than just thinking too much about weight and body fat %. Get stronger and faster and all else should follow
  9. You must be consistent with your training. Enough said here
  10. Some might say this should have been number 1 for them. When you can, enjoy a massive steak, oh and some bacon maybe on a weekly basis, and make sure you enjoy a bowl of ice cream and some cheesecake every once and a while.
Thanks for coming.   By: Matt Jones, InnerFight Performance Coach