The Move Project

Over the past 3 months I’ve been working together with Matt James, former elite gymnast and founder of “Jacked Gymnastics”, to create a platform helping people build a healthy and strong body through gymnastics and mobility training. The collaboration between Matt and I started as we wanted to create a program with the vision of “Better human movement for better physical performance". I had been doing a lot of mobility work myself as well as running the “Mobility Project”, which I still run and I’m still very passionate about. Matt had been developing his gymnastics programs for CF athletes worldwide with great success and we found it essential to create a gymnastics/mobility based program together. We feel like a solid gymnastics base and proper mobility is the missing link in CF and Fitness which keeps getting people injured. Our philosophy is that you always need to master the basics before you can move on to all of the advanced movements. We believe that you need to “Earn your right” to perform advanced movements and especially under high intensity. The amount of injuries in the sport of CrossFit is growing due to the lack of basic strength, movement and body control and we wanted to create the answer to that problem. We have put together a “12 week foundation strength and accessory program” targeting the basics using Mobility and Gymnastics principles. Our programs aim to build a healthy and strong body that can endure whatever life throws at you. The program is designed to build the right foundations to avoid injury, plateau, bring about general health and well-being, and give people the opportunity to "earn the right to advanced movements" Our program will be launched 15th of October for 99 USD and can be purchased through our website (coming soon!)   By: Andre Houdet, Performance Coach