Why the off season is the best time to train

Do not wait around for things to just happen because it's highly likely they won’t. It’s all well and good setting goals but are you working towards them? Are they realistic? I’m all for setting goals high, however, let’s be realistic so we can stay motivated. The time is now to do exactly that. The Middle East OCR season has come to an end and now we have the opportunity to take some time off from racing and work on these goals. Your 2019/2020 season is made over these next 3-4 months. If you are willing to work hard for it now, be patient with results and consistent with training, I can assure you it will pay off next season and your future self will be thanking you for doing it. A nice way of goal setting, which I like to do myself, is to find a particular race next season which really sparks your interest and just book it. My advice is to follow the rule of the three C’s: Commitment – commit to a race or date by which point you want to reach a certain goal. Consistency – be consistent with your training. Here in the Middle East it can be tough training in the heat of the summer. You may go for a 5km run and it feel like the fastest run you’ve ever done, then you’ll check your watch and it will be 5 minutes slower than your 5km PB. Do not panic! This is normal. Work hard, follow your plan and trust the process. Now comes the best C of the three. Conquer – you’ve worked hard all summer, followed the first two C’s and it’s time to conquer your goals. Race season comes back around before you know it and you are now ready. You will see lots of people “panic training” before race season starts giving themselves a few weeks to train and panicking that the race season is fast approaching and guess what, they are out of time. DON’T BE THAT PERSON! I advise you to set your goals now and get started with working towards them right away. When its mid-summer and the heat feels like it’s never ending just keep two things in mind: Rule 1 – Stick to the plan. Rule 2 – Always remember rule number 1. By: George Crewe, OCR Coach Do you have a goal for running or obstacle course racing that you need some more specific coaching for? Why not chat to our OCR coach George about the InnerFight OCR online programming and how it may bring value to your goals. Hop over to www.innerfight.com/ocr or mail George at gc@innerfight.com for more details.