How to Master the Basics

I know we often talk about getting the basics right before you go on to the more complex movements. Crossfit is a great method of training. So long as the method has being introduced the right way. My good friend and owner of Crossfit New Zealand (Darren Ellis) recently put out a great article which I would like to share with you all. This will benefit newer members, members we have had for some time, and people out there who haven’t started their fitness journey. As well as coaches who want to get started in the fitness industry. Check it out...   With the exploding popularity of CrossFit we have more people than ever, interested in trying this new ‘fad’ training program out…. It is also quite common for people to want to bypass our privately coached Fundamental classes and jump straight into regular training because they either a) did some cleans when they used to play rugby in high school, or b) are ‘pretty fit’ already, or c) I just don’t get it, the gym down the road said I could jump straight in and go nuts... This is not the road to mastery. No matter how good you are, you can always do more work on the basics. And over the years, we’ve actually made it harder than ever to get into our classes, by requiring all our new members to spend a significant amount of time on developing and reinforcing the basics. Is this more expensive?  Yes. Does it mean we only get people who are coachable, want to be here, and will be a fantastic addition to our community? Definitely. Does it mean faster learning, better progress, and injury prevention?  Absolutely. Do we as coaches get to better know the strengths and challenges our new members face?  Yep. Do our veteran members get a class coaching environment that doesn’t have to cater to the rank novice, meaning you continue to get the attention you deserve?  This is a biggie, and heck yes you do. I often compare our CrossFit gyms to a dojo.  You are training with us to achieve your black belt in fitness.  To the outsider looking in, that might seem hilarious, but those of you who have been doing this for even a short while, now know what it takes to truly master movement in all the realms of gymnastic, weightlifting and monostructural.
PERFECT air squats, PERFECT pushups, PERFECT pullups, and eventually you’ll have PERFECT muscle ups, overhead squats and snatches too.
NB: At InnerFight, we start clients off with Fundamentals, it starts with at LEAST two PRIVATE training sessions.  Graduation from Fundamentals to our group coaching schedule occurs when the athlete understands our training program and class structure, they can perform all basic movements and understanding how to optimise movements for their ability.
This ensures that everyone can learn at their own pace, and make the best possible progress in their first few months of training. If as a veteran member, you are feeling a little FOMO about this, I can understand! Plus if some of these newbies are catching up to you and maybe even passing you by, it might be tough to take!! But worry not.  If you’re interested in spending some one on one time with a coach, we can make that happen. Whether it’s to finally dial in that snatch or pullup technique, to get a better idea of how to optimise the strength piece in class and the technique to build to a max lift, or to learn some more advanced gymnastic skill, we can help. Mail us on for more info on Fundamentals, personal performance coaching or anything else you want to find out more about!   By: Matt Jones, Performance Coach