The ups and downs of an Endurance Coach

The ups and downs of an Endurance Coach


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Changing career and being part of InnerFight Endurance is hands down the most challenging, exciting and motivating pathway I have taken in my adult life.

Every day I get to see in person (and through graphs) people execute the training plans I have put together for them and watch it contribute in part to them becoming a better human through running.  People put their trust in me to make them better and when I pause to reflect, I can honestly say that at the age of 33, I found my ‘Dream Job”

With this dream comes Huge excitement and also, the fear!

Starting Part-time in Feb 2019, having my first client meeting, and signing them onboard for 6M was one of the most exciting meetings I have had.  I remember vividly the goals the client wanted to target, where she was at and how hard it would be.  It gave me goosebumps on the back of my neck thinking about it!  (she is still a client today)


Just as vividly I remember experiencing new emotions that I had not felt in YEARS! The flip side of that coin…. Self-doubt.

Changing career and becoming the ‘old man’ of the gym (depending on how you look at it), giving up a stable salary, the ‘perks’, questioning my ability to grow in a new sector, wondering how I compete with other brands and coaches, feeling less ‘qualified’ than others around me, using new software and programs, learning as much about running and being able to simplify it for clients.  These were all emotions I experienced DAILY!

The ups and downs were some of the greatest challenges I faced, but nowadays, things are different…very different.    I still deal with daily ups and downs, but I know that they are just part of life and I accept that they are here, and they are here because I CARE!

I care about my client’s success, I care about how they feel, I care about their goals! And when you are that invested in people’s lives it’s going to be a flipping coin of emotions.

One thing I have certainly taken away from this journey so far is that Great things come for those who are willing to work

It does not matter what that goal, dream race, weight loss number or challenge might be.  As soon as you stop thinking about how difficult it’s going to be and take actionable steps, you can reach limits that were beyond your belief!  I have client after client who dared to dream big and have some incredible stories to tell that would blow your mind. But that’s for another day.

If you take anything from this article let it be this.  Dream big, work hard, cultivate patience, be disciplined and don't fret about the 1 step back….2 steps forward are on their way.

By; Rob Jones, Endurance Coach