The Muscle Up

The muscle up seems to be one exercise that people yearn to get. I for one took a long time to get my first one out but there are a lucky few who can do them on first attempt.
chick muscle up
Someone once said to me: "Can you do a pull up" to which I answered: "As many as you like" and then they asked: "And what about a dip" wandering where this was going I said: "Sure can." The next bit threw me as this person stated: "Then you can do a muscle up." Just what I didn't want to hear having being practicing for hours. I was then lucky to get the theory backed up in which I was informed that the pull up and the dip are the strength test of the muscle up, once these are mastered the rest is down to technique through the transition!!!
This is a slow mo clip of Camille Leblanc-Bazinet at the 2011 CrossFit Games in California. It's a clip that I have shared time and again with people hunting for their first muscle up and I think it explains the movement and transition like no other.
If you do have a muscle up I bet my bottom dollar you can remember the day that you got it and if you are still chasing your first one my advice is to keep at it as its worth every second you spend working on it, and when you have it you just work to get more and more and more!