The Last Decade of Our Lives

I was listening to the HubermanLab podcast with Dr. Peter Attia, a longevity expert. He explains what he uses with his patients to “back-cast” their health goals to design their exercise and nutritional programs.

Instead of setting a goal you want to work towards in the next few years, he turns it around and looks at what are the things you want to be doing when you enter that last decade of your life. 

We will all be in our last decade at some point, and most will know when they are in it. So, let’s plan to enjoy those last years of our lives to the fullest!

The first step is when you think your last decade will be.
Second, what do you want to be doing?
The third step is where you are at with your physical health. 

What protocols can we set in place to ensure we’ll be able to do all those things?

We need to be looking at prime movers for longevity!

Strength metrics:
- Dead hang 60-90 sec 
- 2 min Farmer carry BW 
- Static squat hold 2-3 min

- VO2MAX 75th percentile
- Bloodwork checks every ten years

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