It is all about journey and discipline. It's all about personal growth!

Seeking new challenges, I tend to learn something new about myself or the environment I am in.

I wasn't an expert at the beginning of any of the challenges I have done. My expectation wasn't high, but my perception and perspective changed at the end of each of them.

One of the first big challenges I did was on the last day in 2018. The challenge was 2 hours of the most difficult CrossFit workout I had ever done. The feeling was different than it had ever been. I was physically destroyed. For the first time, I felt a dopamine rush, pushing myself to a level of pain that was almost unbearable. I experience more dopamine than I ever had before.

Pain is physiological. Without the pain, most people would not know how to protect themselves all thought PAIN IS CHANGE!

(The workout you'll find at the end of the text, give it a try.)

I have been fortunate to finish many local and international competitions on the podium in the short time doing CrossFit. Still, the reward wasn't the same as it was on 31st December 2018.

I discovered the thing that makes me happy, the true meaning of the word ENDURE. Journey throughout the physical and mental workouts testing capabilities in many different ways and most importantly learning something new every time.

Straight after that, it becomes a stimulant that drives me. The pleasure and reward during and after completing every challenge were unreal and unique. 

I can relate the feeling as the first cup of coffee in the morning or glass of wine after a stressful day to bring you closer to my feeling. As I'm not a coffee drinker or wine consumer and don't understand the pleasure you feel, I'll not expect you to understand me either. 

I am still not content where my limits are, and indeed to support my mental health, I strive to create new challenges and experiences to inspire people!

All my challenges were personal in that they meant something to me or someone else. 

My challenges to date:
- 2019 cal on Ski Erg non-stop
- 100 Rope Climbs 
- 100 consecutive days 100 burpees 
- Started competing in a new sport, Brazilian JiuJitsu 
- 100 consecutive days 100 Handstand steps 
- Modify Goggins 4x4x48 (Bike, Row, Ski, Run)
- Ski Erg 24 hours (held world record)
- 50-50-50 Into the darkness (Even though I finished during the daylight)
-SNW #0 

I am currently in the middle of 30 consecutive days of rowing a marathon and looking forward to every day, and seeking to learn something new every time!

The CrossFit workout was:
10k row 
20 strict Handstand push-ups
30 Deadlift 160kg
40 burpee Ring Muscle-up
50 Shoulder to overhead 90kg
60 Double KB step up over 32kg
70 Toes to Bar 
80 Thrusters 60kg
270 Double Unders 

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