The hardest thing you will do today is say no to Something that doesn't take you towards your goals. There is no downside.
Stay cool.
Marcus Smith, April 2nd, 2018.

A 28yr old lad just finishing his sports science degree read this, took a screenshot, saved it in his favorites, and then got to work on saying no until he ended up with what he wanted.

This lad was me; the picture is still in my phone's favorites folder, and I refer to it often.

Something about this sentence hit me square in the face, it suddenly made so much sense, and once I had read it, everything started falling into place. I moved out of a place I didn't want to live, said no to a managing role I didn't want to do, and most importantly, said no to all the excuses I had in my head to not move back to Dubai to begin working for an endurance team that wasn't established yet.

Saying no can be hard. You may feel by saying no, you are letting people down, missing out on things, or being negative. This can be true but don't forget the 2nd half of the sentence... 'Something that doesn't take you toward your goals.

Goals should challenge us, improve us, and push us to be the best person we can be. If saying no means you are working towards that, then it may be the most positive thing you can do.

What can you say no to, which will bring you one step further to your goal? It shouldn't be easy...

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