The Art of Programming

"Why is the programming at InnerFight so different to other gyms?" - I often hear this from members who have traveled around the globe and visited different gyms. "Why is the programming at InnerFight so different to other gyms?" - I often hear this from members who have traveled around the globe and visited different gyms.

What are the core values that go into programming?

PROGRESS: We want our members and community to keep progressing physically and mentally. Challenge themselves in ways they never thought would be achievable. You start from the most basic movements like an air squat, progressing to a heavy back squat, or hanging on a bar, working up to a strict pull-up or multiple pull-ups. No matter what training age you start with us, the coach will offer an appropriate alternative to give you the right stimulus for that part of the session.

VARIETY: Every day, you will get different Metabolic Conditioning.Switching between AMRAP, EMOM, intervals, For Time, "x" Rounds for Time. Depending on what strength or skill cycle we are in, the movements will vary each day, progressing to a more developed skill or weight over the weeks.

TIME EFFICIENT: We have 60 mins to give you the best possible workout. We don't like to waste time. We want to give our clients the best experience. Therefore, each section, including warm-up, strength/skill, and conditioning, will be time-controlled.

FUN: Every Monday, we sit down with the whole team to go over the following week's programming. We ask ourselves two questions.

1/ How was last week? What was good, and how can we improve?

2/ Is this going to be "Fun," and how can we make it more enjoyable? We will never satisfy everyone, but we spend a shitload of time discussing how we can improve on last week while keeping it hard, functional, and safe for everyone.

Who can benefit from InnerFight Mainline Class programming?

Everyone, no matter what their training age or goal is. Everything is scalable, and we are super relaxed about switching a barbell for a dumbbell or kettlebell when safety or mobility is an issue. We want you to have the best workout possible. Whether you finish first or last, what matters is that you moved with good form, completed what you could, and had fun!

How do to get the maximal potential from these sessions?

1. It is essential to listen to your body if you are looking to progress. If you can't do a movement because of mobility limitations, don't try to force it. There is always an alternative, and our coaches will guide you on this.

2. During strength work, a lot of the time, we program tempo sets. The tempo slows down the movement and makes you work with more intent by increasing the time under tension. Tempo gives your muscles a similar response as you would be lifting heavier weights close to 85% of

your max when you might be only lifting at 60% for a tempo set. So be humble and stick to lighter weights here and follow the prescribed tempo.

3. Skills and how to get better at all the sexy gymnastics stuff? START at the BASICS! Take your time to get a strict pull-up before you start to swing around the bar. To get good in gymnastics, you need a strong core, and the better you get in the hollow hold, the easier all the other stuff will become.

4. The conditioning we want you to work aerobic pretty much 99% of the time. How does this translate to a workout? For example, if the workout is multiple rounds for time, you want to hit similar splits per round. To do this correctly, hold back a little bit more than you think in the first round. We have all been there and gone out too hard and died in the later rounds. You will get a better metabolic response if you pace yourself in the first half of the workout and keep up the same pace in the later rounds. The workout will still get harder each round if you maintain the same pace because of the accumulation of the total work done. KEY-point here: REPEATABILITY

How does a typical week look?

InnerFight has a twist to typical Crossfit workouts combined with functional bodybuilding, strongman, and team workouts. We finish off the work week with "Thursday Therapy," feared by some and loved by many.

Each day will have a different focus that will rotate the following week. You won't do the same focus on the same day two weeks in a row. We do this, so if you can only come on Tuesdays, you won't do back squats every Tuesday. Our program and methods continue to evolve to serve our clients in the best possible way.

How hard should I push during the workouts?

Ask yourself the question: "why am I working out?" If the answer to this is "Health" or "I want to look good," then you don't have to go HAM every single day. Finishing a workout and not getting up off the floor for 10 mins and defining that as a "good workout" is not how we want you to feel after every session. There are benefits when you push your limits, like becoming mentally strong, but you want to leave sessions feeling good, knowing that you showed up and worked hard, and not leaving the gym with brain fog every time.

What the hell is Thursday Therapy?

One day of the week, we ask people to work just that little bit harder. It doesn't mean go all out in the first 5 minutes; NO, pace yourself. If you feel you have more in the tank halfway through, then step on the gazzz and finish strong! These longer workouts are designed to not only make you physically better but test your mental resilience. Stay positive, break it up in small numbers, and keep moving forward one rep at a time ;-)

This is our programming and how we want you to attack it. I hope this helps you to become better at fitness and life! If you have any questions feel free to ask any of the coaches or me. We are more than happy to help.

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