The InnerFight Team deliver knowledge, experience and above all the motivation that you need to become the best you can be.

Performance Coaches

Marcus Smith

Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, extreme athlete and coach Marcus Smith is the founder of InnerFight. Whilst building a career in the corporate world Marcus realized his real passion was “making people better at life” and in 2008 InnerFight was born. Today along with running InnerFight and Smith St Paleo Marcus teaches many of the Innerfight classes, coaches a number of endurance athletes, mentors both youths and adults and continues his extreme challenges which took him to 30 marathons in 30 days in 2018.

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Carmen Bosmans

Carmen is a CrossFit athlete and coach, born and raised in Belgium. She studied nutrition for 3 years at the “Plantijn hogeschool Antwerp” during her studies she discovered CrossFit. This was a life changer for her! She has competed in the European regional for Crossfit for the last 3 years taking 15th place in 2013, 14th in 2014 and 6th in 2015. In 2016 she aims to be in the top 5 and make the CrossFit Games.  When Carmen is not training she is helping others get better at life combining her studies with the practical experience she has gained from competing in CrossFit.  She truly believes that you can enjoy life more fully when your fit and healthy!

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Ben Davies

“Ben is from Wales and spent his early sporting life as a professional footballer before he found his passion in teaching. This led him to 10 years teaching Physical Education and specifically developing young talent into high level athletes. Ben is passionate about three things in life: teaching, fitness and helping people live the very best lives. His 10 years teaching experience has enabled him to understand different ways that people learn, respond and develop in different situations. His biggest sporting achievement is getting his international football caps. In the fitness area, qualifying for the final weekend at this year’s Dubai Fitness Championships amongst some of the fittest athletes in the world.”

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lloydLloyd Melling

Originally from Preston, England. Before coaching Crossfit Lloyd was still helping people get better at life by teaching first aid and restraint courses in schools throughout the U.K.
Since then Lloyd has been coaching Crossfit full time for 5 years, most of them being in the UAE, Al ain, Abu Dhabi and now Dubai! He loves to help educate, entertain and inspire everyone through the art of coaching and training. Getting to help and witness people do things they didn’t think was possible drives him and having that impact no matter how big or small keeps him happy.

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Endurance Coaches

Tom Walker

Tom is one of our endurance and performance coaches. He blends nearly 10 years of coaching experience with a BSc (Hons) Degree in Applied Sport Science and competitive experience at national and international level.

Tom takes a wide interest in all endurance sports but works closely with high performance athletes, middle to long course triathletes and ultra runners.

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George Crewe

George moved to Dubai in 2014 to work in the automotive industry where he was introduced to his first Obstacle Course Race. Growing up in the countryside in the UK, George quickly developed a passion and appreciation for this outdoor sport. George has quickly established himself as one of the top racers in the Middle East and Asia and has transformed his life completely dedicating himself to this sport.

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Rob Jones

Rob is from the UK and spent his early sporting life as a competitive swimmer from the age of 13.  Coming from 10 Years in Secondary education has enabled him to gain vast experience in coaching and helping  people with many different levels of ability. Rob has competed in numerous International and local ultra distance events, most recently the 24hour Back Yard Ultra race, UTMB OMAN 140km and just for fun, ran from the top to the bottom of Corsica on “Europes hardest Ultra trail” Rob believes that no excuse is valid and that everyone can go to sleep 1% better than when they woke that day.

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Rob Foster

Rob is one of our Endurance coaches, having performed at a high level in running, Rob pursued his passion and completed a BSc (h) in Applied Sports Science and continues to study today.
Rob has over 10 years experience in endurance coaching from beginners up to national standard athlete’s in various endurance disciplines. He believes coaching should be based on proven science and  tailored to life to maximise an Athlete’s potential.

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Reception Rockstars

Bryan Encabo

Bryan is our newest Rockstar! He came over from the Philippines in 2014 and has been working in the fitness industry ever since. Bryan believes that whatever pain, struggles and tears you need to go through, you need to finish it to hit the target. You only compete with your inner demon. and that’s the formula you need to figure out. Wise words!

Gie Aungon

Gie is one of our rockstars you see in the front desk as you enter InnerFight. She is very energetic and always greet you with a big smile.
Don’t hesitate to ask any help from her as she’s very happy to give a hand. She cares for you too thus offer you some delicious and healthy food to make sure you’re fueled before and after the workout. And of course, Gie loves to workout like everybody else.

Sam Caing

Sam is one of our rock stars you see in the front desk as you enter the InnerFight Gym. She is passionate about working in the gym and always has a smile to greet you.  Her enthusiasm is contagious and her laughter is infectious. Ultimately, this girl rocks in the workouts too! Sam will be out there training with you in the class as well so feel free to have a chat anytime.

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