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Performance Coaches

Marcus Smith

Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, extreme athlete and coach Marcus Smith is the founder of InnerFight. Whilst building a career in the corporate world Marcus realized his real passion was “making people better at life” and in 2008 InnerFight was born. Today along with running InnerFight and Smith St Paleo Marcus teaches many of the Innerfight classes, coaches a number of endurance athletes, mentors both youths and adults and continues his extreme challenges which took him to 30 marathons in 30 days in 2018.

Connect with Marcus:
Instagram: @mjd_smith
Email: ms@innerfight.com

Carmen Bosmans

Carmen is a CrossFit athlete and coach, born and raised in Belgium. She studied nutrition for 3 years at the “Plantijn hogeschool Antwerp” during her studies she discovered CrossFit. This was a life changer for her! 

She has competed at the top level in Crossfit for the past 10 years. Now she is retired from competitive fitness and set her  focus on helping women get strong and recover after pregnancy. 

Connect with Carmen:
Instagram: @carmenbosmans
Email: cb@innerfight.com

Jamie Clarke

Jamie is an athlete, coach, and mentor. He has played and coached sport to the highest level.  His interests lie in athlete development, getting people active, and working with them from where they are to where they want to be. Having lived in the Middle East for 12 years, he understands the excitement and thrills of living here. Jamie stepped away from a successful career in the corporate world to help people achieve all they can. His diverse background comes with understanding the complex and dynamic nature of sport, health, and fitness.

Connect with Jamie: 
Instagram: @clarkey_jw

Bonnie Tuttle

Bonnie is our Head of Kids Program and from the US. After attending the University of Michigan and subsequently working for a major consulting firm, she left her corporate career to become a full-time mom.  Prior to moving to Dubai in 2014, both she and her 4 children began doing CrossFit. Upon recognizing all of the physical and mental benefits they were gaining, she decided to become a CrossFit Kids trainer. Her goal has always been to help children develop a strong affinity for fitness. She does this by focusing first on building a strong foundation and ultimately guiding kids down the path to a lifetime love of fitness. Her keys to achieving this goal center on instilling confidence in the children and growing a community among her young athletes. She currently holds ten certifications in both CrossFit and youth training.

Connect with Bonnie:
Instagram: @bontutt
Email: bt@innerfight.com

Miloš Pesic

Miloš is passionate about personal training, group classes….training humans to live better lives. 
He originates from Serbia where he completed his masters in Physical Therapy as well as a Bachelor degree in Physical Education and Sport. He is a former handball player & 24 hour ski erg record holder. Miloš brings to our community over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry of which the last 8 he spent in Kuwait.

Connect with Miloš:
Instagram: @m.m.pesic
Email: mp@innerfight.com

Jess Towl

Jess is one of our Performance and Endurances coaches. She spent her childhood as a competitive swimmer, before being selected for the Great Britain Triathlon team where she raced and trained all throughout her teens and University. 
Since moving to Dubai in 2011 Jess turned her attention to coaching and competing in Crossfit, she competed at the Crossfit Games Regionals and set a world wide event record. 
Most recently she has found success in obstacle course racing and is currently the top OCR athlete in the Middle East. 
Jess’ passion lies in all forms of fitness, combining both strength and conditioning with endurance. She wholeheartedly believes that it’s never too late to change your life and reach your full potential through health and fitness. 

Connect with Jess: 
Instagram: @jesstowl

Andy McTaggart

Originally from Zimbabwe, Andy joined InnerFight after spending the last 13 years in the UK. Prior to moving to the UK, Andy was playing rugby while completing his Bsc (Hons) Degree in Sport Science at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Andy is a CrossFit coach and Personal Trainer with over 15 years of experience. He is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals and strives to create an environment where people are empowered, inspired, honest, robust and lead active and happy lives. You will most likely find him upstairs in the PT Studio or in the gym training, he loves a good workout. So if you are lacking the motivation and need a little push or jump start then get in touch with him.

Connect with Andy: 
Instagram: @tags_1985


Simon Jones

Simon Loves to coach and has been coaching people for over 15 years helping them become better.  He also coaches other coaches and helps them start their CrossFit journey working for the CrossFit Seminar team by running seminars all over the world.  Simon has helped over 10,000 people get started in their CrossFit path.  He is also a passionate golfer and helps golfers get better at the sport by getting them fitter,stronger and pain free.  Simon grew up in Dubai and has got over 15 years in the fitness industry from training clients, running CrossFit facilities and mentoring other coaches.  He loves what he does and his passion is helping people.

Connect with Simon:
Instagram: simonbarryjones
Email: sj@innerfight.com

Kobi Bates

Growing up Kobi was heavily involved in a gym environment which lead to him learning the basic strength and conditioning principles to help him out perform the competition when playing sport. Over time this lead him to the fitness industry. He has spent over 5 years in the fitness industry, starting from the bottom as an intern coach in Sydney to now coaching in Duabi. This has lead him to be exposed to a variety clientele that all require different needs to achieve their tasks. He understands that fitness isn’t only about performing at a high level but to also prevent disease & injury which therefore leads to a much improved and longer lasting lifestyle.

Connect with Kobi:
Instagram: ticklemekobi
Email: kb@innerfight.com

Matt Threadgold

Matt comes from London, with over ten years of working in the fitness industry, sprinting at the International level and competing at high-level CrossFit completions back in the UK. He completed a BSc in Sports Science at university before taking a Leisure Management degree. He’s passionate about giving his clients the belief that it’s never too late to make positive changes in their fitness that will leave them feeling better in all aspects of life.

Matt loves to work out and test workouts for clients and classes to ensure they deliver the intended stimulus.

Connect with Matt:
Instagram: threadgold90
Email: mt@innerfight.com

Endurance Coaches

Tom Walker

Tom is one of our endurance and performance coaches. He blends nearly 10 years of coaching experience with a BSc (Hons) Degree in Applied Sport Science and competitive experience at national and international level.

Tom takes a wide interest in all endurance sports but works closely with high performance athletes, middle to long course triathletes and ultra runners.

Connect with Tom:
Instagram: @tomwalkerfitness
Email: tw@innerfight.com

Rob Jones

Rob is one of our Performance Endurance Coaches.  He grew up in the UK with a back ground in competitive swimming.  Moving to Dubai in 2010, he has a strong coaching background hailing from 11 years in the education sector and in early 2019 focused that energy solely into endurance coaching with InnerFight.  Rob works with athletes of all abilities ranging from complete beginners at the start of their endurance career to those completing some of the longest and hardest Ultra races on the planet.  “No matter where the athlete is in their journey, my expectations are the same. I expect them to be hard working, honest, self-critical and receptive – Then together we can reach their pinnacle of performance.”

Connect with Rob:
Instagram: @robjonesendurance
Email: rj@innerfight.com

Stephanie Humphrey

Steph is one of our endurance running coaches from the UK. She spent her childhood playing tennis and attended the University of South Carolina on a full tennis scholarship. Following her graduation, Steph worked in the media industry in London and Auckland, whilst running and racing in her evenings and at the weekends. Steph made the transition to Running Coaching in order to follow her passion, and to help others improve and train for races. Steph specialises in 5km – Marathon distances and also heads up our Ladies Running Club.

Connect with Steph:
Instagram: @steph.running
Email: sh@innerfight.com

Rob Foster

Rob is one of our Endurance coaches. Having performed at a high level in both running and cycling, over 10 years of coaching experience and a BSc in Applied Sports Sciences. He has the knowledge, experience and passion to get you where you want to go. He believes a scientific approach should always be employed and cleverly combined with life to maximise the potential of each athlete.

Connect with Rob:
Instagram: @re_foster
Email: rf@innerfight.com


Matt Dewhurst

Matt is one of our Endurance coaches. Specialising in coaching adults and youth athletes. After competing at a high level of sports such as Swimming at a County Level & football at a professional standard. He then turned to triathlon in 2015, and since then has gone on to represent Great Britain and has had multiple podiums at 70.3 & Ironman.Matt believes in a holistic approach to life and exercise. By getting the balance correct he believes this is the best way to unlocking your best version of yourself.

Connect with Matt:
Instagram: @mdewhursttri
Email: md@innerfight.com


Ivana Pesic

My name is Ivana from Serbia and I am a nutritionist here at InnerFight. I am here to help you eat right to reach your goals. No matter if you are low on energy, struggling to lose weight, looking to build muscle or just do not feel you are eating optimally I can help out. Catch me around the gym or get in touch and let’s have a chat about how we can have you feel awesome through the food you eat.

Connect with Ivana:
Instagram: @ivanaapesic
Email: ivnpesic@gmail.com

The InnerFight Team deliver knowledge, experience and above all the motivation that you need to become the best you can be.

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