Tamer: From a heavy smoker to a bad-ass Spartan

We’re delighted to share the story of one of our clients, Tamer Adel with you. Tamer, by his own admission, was seriously unfit up until October 2015 when he decided to join the InnerFight family. Just several months after taking the plunge and taking part in our Base Fitness classes, Tamer has dropped a lot of body-weight, increased his self-confidence and just completed the Spartan Race – a feat that would’ve been impossible not too long ago. His story is an inspiration to all and proves that with the right mindset you can achieve anything. 20151123 Tamer Adel-sent Q. What was your health and fitness like before you started training at InnerFight? A. I was the kind of guy who liked his fine food and drank non-stop as I always assumed I had plenty of time ahead of me. I am 39 and indulged in my eating and drinking as it made me a happier person. Focusing on work wasn't an issue, but making time for something else like my health and fitness was. I've tried gyms before, but they’ve never felt right. Working out always felt like homework rather than something I could enjoy! I barely noticed my health deteriorating over the years, but suddenly normal, everyday things seemed progressively more difficult. There was a moment when I felt wouldn’t be able to raise my fitness ever again and the people around me assumed the same.

20160201 Tamer Adel (4)-sent

Q. What was the key moment that made you decide to start fitness training?

A. An intervention. They always start with the right people around you that care enough to invest in you. Towards the end of September 2015 a great friend of mine gave me advice on how I should be investing in myself now for a better tomorrow.

I took my first steps and reached out to the people who know better, I was advised to join InnerFight, which I did in October 2015.

20160225 Tamer Adel (2)-sent Q. How has InnerFight and the Base Fitness program helped you? A. As a 39 year old smoker weighing 122.4 kg getting into CrossFit was daunting. I needed a careful plan to start moving joints that were locked for years and help muscles that barely worked, plus stimulate my mental strength to increase my self-confidence. I found this and more at InnerFight. The coaches provided me with the positive energy to keep me coming back for more. I originally failed the Base Fitness exam. I couldn't run for 50m or perform two burpees, which is no surprise since I was a shisha and cigarette smoker. I made excuses to myself like how it was impossible to keep up with the younger people around me in the class, but then I noticed the older people doing their best and excelling. I then realized that I had no excuse to push on. Base Fitness was essential for me. It allowed me to lay down the foundations to build higher. It sparked my body to start working again, gain strength, improve my shape, and showed me the correct form to maximise the gains with every rep. I’ve since lost 20kgs in the past 4.5 months and gained great self-confidence. s124 Q. How did it feel to complete your first Spartan Race? A. With the renewed self-confidence, I decided to sign-up for the Dubai Spartan Race. When I crossed the finish line I was fresh, hyper and happy! It all hit me at that moment that I made the right decision to get fit and it paid off. 20151215 Tamer Adel-sent-sent Q. What advice would you give to others looking to follow your fitness journey? A. Look at the people around you that you love and remember how long you would like to stay with them through your life as we only live once. Be mindful of your health at all times and follow the success stories to inspire you.


Feeling inspired after reading Tamer’s story? Of course you are! Come and sign up to our Base Fitness class  and create the new you.  See you soon.