Sweet Stuff

Ok ok ok so we are not all superhuman 100% of the time and from time to time we have to give into sweet temptation do we? Well for those of us with a sweet tooth yes we do.
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The best way to attack this is look at how often we "can" have some Sweet Stuff, how much we should have and what sort of damage we can expect to our bodies.
I may well surprise you with the first answer in saying that to have something sweet (or that may be classed as a cheat) once a week I have found very beneficial with a number of clients I have worked with to achieve weight loss goals or maintain very respectable body compositions. For some its chocolate, others is pizza, the list goes on!
The second point however is key here as far as how much we should or can have. Now if you were going to destroy all the cup cakes in the picture above in one single sitting and you are desperately trying to lose weight then that's maybe not the right way to go about things, however taking this great picture as an example you could perhaps have 1 of the delicious cupcakes pictured there, if of course cupcakes is your reward of choice.
Effect is what people are generally most interested in. I am going to look at this in two parts. Firstly mentally: I have seen huge positive mental impacts when people have a reward of their choice once a week and have also read of a number of studies that claim the same results. Secondly if we consider the physical impacts consuming a cupcake as exampled above has on the body then you will be glad to know it is actually very limited, I have never seen a rocket in body fat resulting from a single cupcake.....its the culmination of junk day in day out that causes that.
sweet stuff
So where is the danger? Well simply put the danger is having too many too often, so refer to the first point above and plan your reward once a week and keep it very small and limited. The danger is in the high sugar, fat and additive content of these things. No, that beautiful, pink colored icing is not natural!!
But is there a natural option to make your weekly cheat safer? Well as it happens yes there is. I have not been able to find these things in production commercially, mainly because with the obesity epidemic all we demand is what we are marketed which often is not quite what it seems (ref "Don't be fooled by the salad")
paleo-brownieThe solution could be to use a Paleo treat which is based on  paleo diet principles. There are some great options available such as paleo brownies or paleo cupcakes which I can tell you from first hand experience taste pretty damn good.