Superhuman with Ben Greenfield

May 11th/12th saw the first presentation of "Become Superhuman" by Americas number one performance coach Ben Greenfield at Evolve gym in Dubai, the first time Ben has delivered this seminar out side of the USA.
The "Become Superhuman" seminar addresses 7 modules on which Ben Says: "If you understand and activate the content of these 7 modules then you are on your way to live a superhuman life." The modules include: Fat Loss, Performance, Recovery, Digestion, Brain, Sleep, Hormones and are all encompassing in the pursuit of maximizing performance and life. Each module is presented in a 2 hour seminar and leaves no stone unturned.
The seminar welcomed a diverse audience with differing motivations for attendance. One attendee commented: "This superhuman course is unbelievable. Scary how uninformed we really are though..." whilst another arrived for the second day stating: "I have already been able to activate some of the information that was delivered yesterday to improve my life."
With the vision of InnerFight being focused on enhanced human performance this workshop is another stepping stone to be able to deliver education on performance to the people of the region. To have someone of Ben's caliber in Dubai presenting a workshop like this is invaluable for all. Ben will be returning to the region in March 2013 to race in the Abu Dhabi triathlon and we are looking to put on another workshop at that time. In the meantime we will be developing an affiliate program for Superhuman trainers in the region so look out for that.There are also other performance gurus that I am discussing possible workshops with. Tapping into these resources and having these kinds of people deliver workshops of this standard in our region is beneficial on a number of fronts.