Summer Lovin’

So summer is well and truly upon us and as most of us know it's only going to get hotter and more humid! I’m sure most of you have experienced training outside in this weather and the one thing we can count on is that it's going to be a sweat feast, your speed is going to reduce and your rate of perceived exertion, respiratory rate and heart rate are all going to increase. You are likely to become dehydrated and your recovery time will be longer and therefore more impacting on your ability to perform accordingly in your subsequent training sessions. While there are loads of benefits to heat training there can also be a lot of health risks associated with training outside when it’s not carried out correctly and safely for each individual. These risks increase once the humidity levels increase. I’m not saying that you should stop all your training outside, but what I am saying is to be sensible and be realistic. Adapt your training to the conditions, train for your goals and train for your body. Remember everyone deals with the heat differently. Suggestions on how to go about this:
  • Get in a 50m pool with your wet suit on for your “open water” sessions
  • Do your high intensity sessions on the treadmill or indoor trainer
  • Endurance sessions such as long runs or long bikes should be done at a lower intensity and with the option of completing half the session outside and half the session inside
  • Find a good indoor cycling class and smash yourself while listening to good music and around other like minded participants
  • Mix it up with some bike + run repeats on the treadmill and indoor trainer
  • Mix it up with swim + bike repeats from the pool to the indoor trainer
  • Take the time to work on your weaker discipline. For the majority of us this is swimming so get in the pool more often and focus on getting fitter, faster and stronger as this will be carried through into the bike and run
Remember it is not a sign of weakness when you make the choice to change your training to indoor or to reduce the intensity of your training outside. Instead it is a sign of a strong willed athlete who is in tune with their body and their limitations. Ultimately we want to enjoy our training, ensure our longevity in the sport and therefore our ability to continue to adapt, grow, perform and have fun as an athlete. Be sensible and train hard. By; Jen Gibbons, Endurance Coach