Summer! That time of year, children and parents work hard to reach, when life slows down a little, and we get a break from the schedules, homework, and the many activities of the school year. A couple of months reserved for time with family, fun, and new experiences. Whether staying in Dubai or planning to escape the heat and travel, keeping on track with your healthy habits can be challenging as you break your regular routine. Here are a few points to keep in mind as we slow down for the summer.

Keep Moving
Reserve time for yourself and your children to be active each day to maintain fitness. Take advantage of your summer destination's cooler weather and head outside and enjoy the greenery and fresh air. Go for a hike, tour a new city on foot or play with the cousins in the backyard. Hit the local gym or devise family workouts to keep your fitness routine going. For those staying in Dubai, it's always cool at InnerFight, but there are many other indoor options, including trampoline parks, padel tennis, swimming, or ice skating. Try something new and have fun with it!

Eat Good but Eat Well!
Undoubtedly, we all have foods we look forward to having again while visiting our home countries or exploring new ones. Eat them! With moderation and a balance of healthy foods, you can still enjoy some of the comfort foods you are excited to have again and introduce new foods to your palette. Keep healthy snacks on hand for the whole family, so there is always a healthy option. Additionally, these slower months are an excellent opportunity to explore the kitchen and try out some new recipes (have the kids get involved) to add to the family's repertoire of home-cooked meals. 

Above all else, ENJOY your summer! Have fun with your kids, explore and learn in your travels, and most importantly, rest and recharge. We hope that you all have a wonderful Summer Break!

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