Had an awesome weekend in Basel, Switzerland at Rob Orlando's "Strongman" seminar! But what on earth is that all about? In Rob Orlando's own words: "Strongman movements are movements that we use everyday, we are just going to learn to do them properly with maximal loads." Simple huh? Well it is and that is what has made this guy so successful. His brain is wired to simplify in every form of life for maximal results. His approach makes sense when it comes to fitness and heavy lifting.

Pretty simple formula from @crossfitrobo #strongman #crossfit #basel #eurotour

The movements we looked at were tyre flips, atlas stones, barrels, yoke carry, farmers walk and log. Now you may well question how often you use these particular movements in life. But think about it for a moment. Something heavy falls onto your leg crushing it, how does someone help you and lift it off? Same movement as a tyre flip. You want to pick something heavy off the floor, very simple if you know how to lift an atlas stone. You want to carry something on your shoulder as it's heavy? Isn't that like a barrel? What about using your back to carry a large load around? Yoke.....and so the list goes on. The fit into real life of these movements is point 1. Point 2 is looking at how getting better at these movements can compliment other movements we do in gyms and to build strength. The position that we must adopt to correctly pick up and atlas stone not only highlights flexibility but is also very similar to the bottom of the dead-lift! Think about squatting and if you are looking to hit a 1 rep max squat of say 150Kg then how light is that going to feel if you have been carrying a Yoke around with 200kg on it directly before. Again simple but effective. And what is the best thing? Everyone can play, no matter how strong you are or what sex you are the principles are the same. A bare yoke is light enough for anyone as is a 15kg atlas stone. And of course the fun element is awesome as we are doing things that are different and slightly outside of the comfort zone. Remember these movements are things that we do in everyday life, learn to do them properly, more efficiently and things in life will get easier, combine that with the fun factor and strongman training makes sense on so many levels. As Rob says: "Not everything in life comes on a barbell, we have to be ready for awkwardness."

Good to catch up with @crossfitrob @ his #strongman challenge tonight in #basel

Was also great to compete in my first strongman competition the night before the seminar and take first place in the open category. Even better was to have Coach Ruski compete in the scaled competition and also take first place.

2 1st places @ Strongman comp! MS in main comp & @coachruski scaled. #boom #teaminnerfight

Here are some clips from the final workout of the competition.

[video type="youtube" id="XbdQ93FjWpo"][gap height="40"] [video type="youtube" id="jNSlqZbusTY"]

These were the workouts:

Workouts from tonight's #strongman #challenge #crossfit #basel #fun #heavy #teaminnerfight #smashlife #eurotour

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