Why you should master strict gymnastic movements before kipping

Well, it’s kinda like answer to the question “should you learn first how to walk or run downhill?” I think we all agree you should learn how to walk first…but why is that? 1 simple reason: to prevent ourselves from getting hurt! Strict movement builds strength. We all pretty much know that anything strict is building strength in specific muscle groups. There is no momentum involved in the movement, therefore you can only rely on the muscles and how much load (your body weight) they can move versus inertia that is generated during kipping movements. When you are doing strict movements you are also utilising time under tension. Kipping movements are fast, that’s why we kip during retcon, to not fatigue our muscles and move as fast as possible. When a strict movement is involved, there is no period of weightlessness in the body (unlike the kip), so your body is in constant tension with your weight. Strict movements help you build up those smaller muscles to support the shoulder and prevent slap tears, bicepital tears, shoulder dislocations, and many others. Ok, I know you’re all thinking about pull-ups now…but what about handstand push-ups or ring muscle ups? Same concept applies of course. If you have a hard time holding an overhead position, control the negative phase and press yourself up, imagine how dangerous it would be to start kipping and inevitably ending with all your bodyweight on your neck rather than control it with your shoulders and arms!!! If possible, this concept is taken to the extreme with the ring muscle ups. Rings are not a stable object like the bar so now you have to be able to control your body AND the the piece of equipment you’re working with, and it requires a huge amount of strength and control. Don’t be greedy and jump into kipping straight away, take the time to master the strict movements, to get strong, to be comfortable and safe in all the positions and transactions phase of more advanced movements and your body will thank you. Also, working on your strength will make all the kipping movements a lot easier…so what are you waiting for?

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