Staying Motivated!

You ever looked at someone as wondered how they are so motivated? Or maybe even the opposite, how someone could be so lazy, defeated, or reactive!

Motivation is something that happens in two ways. I believe, Internal or External.

Internal Motivation - Those that believe they are in control of their fate, and if they want to change, they have the power to create it.

External Motivation - Those that believe someone else is in the control of their fate, and if they want to change, someone else has to create it.

Suppose you are struggling with motivation; you are more than likely operating from an external focus. Identifying in certain situations how you are operating is essential to understand to learn to switch your focus and work in internal focus. 

Here are three ways to help you maintain motivation and to set you on the right path to success:

  1. Change the way you communicate with yourself – How you communicate with yourself directly influences your motivation to complete an individual action or task! Negative self-talk will only lead to discouragement and a lack of motivation. On the flip side, staying positive and rephrasing the conversations you have with yourself over time will start to add up, and these positive actions will lead to great things. 
  • You are surrounding yourself with the right people – Fairly simple. There is a saying, but I will not bore you with it, but surrounding yourself with negative people with zero goals and living a miserable life will affect you in the same way. Surrounding yourself with the right people doesn’t mean they have to be on your hip every min of every day, look to coaches, mentors, friends, and build a reliable network of people around you who will motivate you and positively impact your life! 
  • Increase the visibility of your goals – Having a goal and plan in the first place is motivation 101 right, but having them written down and then stowed away at the bottom of your paper pile at your desk or under your bed will not help you stay motivated. These goals and targets should be so visible that they are consistently on top of your mind. Everywhere you turn, you are reminded that you are working towards something great! Build routines around your goals, integrate them into your daily life, so they occupy so much of what you do that eventually become habits!

Getting motivated is easy; anyone can do that; the secret to long term success is staying motivated.

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By; Jamie Clarke, Performance Coach