Thank you for your interest in the START to RUN Program! 

Firstly some information to help you decide if this is the program for you.
This program is designed for people who are new to running, perhaps you have taken a long break from running or perhaps you have never run before and want to get to the stage where you can be comfortable to run 5km, 10km, half marathon or more but just don’t know how to go about it.  If this sounds like you then read on. 

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During this 4 week program we will use running to get better at life. You will enjoy running and the benefits it brings to you in all areas, not just in a physical sense.  We are going to challenge you mentally, nutritionally and emotionally to create the NEW you!  We hope you are ready……..and yes don’t worry if you are having a great time at the end of the 4 weeks you can sign up for another 4, it is a rolling / progressive program! Some of our Athletes have Marathon aspirations, some have Ultras in mind for the future! As long as there is a demand, I will keep on writing the program so the sky is really the limit here!

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Yes, this program is about running but it is about YOU and YOU are not only made to run.  You body also includes your mind so each week we will address 3 areas.  
1. TRAINING THE BODY:  Each week, you will receive a mail with a weekly program.  This is your reference point for the entire week.  It will guide you through all your training sessions (running, mobility and core).  As the week’s progress, we will add in additional elements to support your fitness and increase the time commitment of the sessions. Expect roughly 30mins of running per session in week 1.  These sessions can be completed anywhere: Outside, on a treadmill and if Dubai based, some of the STR community meet on a Thursday and all run together at the InnerFight Endurance ‘coffee run’.  
2. TRAIN YOUR MIND: We will give you weekly tasks to train your mind and help you develop mental toughness. It could be an article to read, a podcast to listen too, a video to watch or even something to research.
3. CHALLENGE:  At InnerFight Endurance we love challenges, and we will set you a weekly challenge to upgrade your day-to-day well being and help you to form some healthy new habits.

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Community is a huge aspect of who we are and what this program is about.  We will connect you with a wider group of supportive people beyond us as coaches.  Each week we will record one session on topics you want to know/learn about.  It might be running shoes, running form, how to find running heart rates, how to re-hydrate…..again these are sessions at your request so if you have any topics you want to know about then just let me know. 
We will also have a whatsapp group for you to join to share ideas, information, ask questions and keep each other accountable and most importantly put your sweaty running selfies in there!

The Price is 495AED for 4 weeks.  Simply pay through the link and you will get a mail from us each week with your week 1 training plan
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If you have any questions.  Please feel free to email me on and Ill get right back to you.

No Weakness, lets START TO RUN

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