Start to run, 1 year on

It’s a wet and windy UK afternoon during Lockdown 1.  And I am on a zoom call with Marcus and Tom.  For years, IFE has been serving clients with 1-2-1 bespoke programs, digging into the data and delivering a high-end service.  This has been our bread and butter and what we have become very well known for.

I have proposed something at the other end of the spectrum.  A PDF plan with a twist.  One which requires the athlete to pick their run days, to hold themselves accountable… a plan with no coach checking in on each run.  There will be live zoom check-ins, learning videos and calls, Q&A sessions, formal goal setting and so much more!

In my notebook, I have logo designs and names. “Zero to Hero’s”, “IFE Hero’s”  

As friends and colleagues, we know each other very well and there is no beating about the bush……. 

"The name sounds like shit!”.....thanks Marcus! …..In hindsight…it was a bit lame.

Tom chips in….”Who’s the program aimed at?”

“People who want to start their running journey.” Is my response

How about “Start to Run program then”


I still remember the first day we ‘launched it to the world’ – 1 Instagram post and a few stories…..WOW!  Inundated with enquiries and people eager to sign up and start a new adventure…the goals they had were staggering.  Weight loss, marathons, adventure, living longer to see kids grow old, to make friends, Ironman’s…the list went on and on.  I wondered if I had perhaps bitten off more than I could handle.

Every day I think about the 110 Athletes that have progressed through the plan, and how the plan has developed in such a short space of time.  It started as a 4-week block which you could simply jump on and off as you like.  One Runner Mohammed stayed with us for 28 weeks and another, Andrea for 24 weeks!! Incredible! 

Since then, It has been ‘capped’ at a 12-week plan after which  the athletes run off into the big wide world of running.  Many have joined us for 1-2-1 coaching for more specific goals and I get to follow the progress of last clients all around the world. 

The best bit about the last year is that running, albeit the core of the plan, is just a small part of what STR represents.  As an athlete, it’s a commitment.  It’s a scary new journey outside of your comfort zone.  You are putting your trust into someone that perhaps you have never met and only know through social media or a friends recommendation.  Trust that they have created a plan that will challenge and change you in this new sport whilst mitigating as much injury risk as possible.  Knowing that IF you need me I am just an email or WhatsApp away.  

I feel it an absolute privilege that I have been able to help and hopefully influence a tiny fraction of this planet to make some positive change in their lives through running and long may it continue.  STR may be just one-year-old but the value it has already given back is easily 100x that number.

If you feel like this is something for you, or you know someone who needs the STR program in their lives, Please get them to reach out to me  It will be one of the best life decisions they make.